Remove black from under the eye

1 black under the eye

Remove black from under the eye – ” Contents1 black under the eye2 mixtures to eliminate the blackness under the eyesThe black is under the eyeBlack signs appear under the eyes in a large segment of people, and they often appear due to fatigue, excessive fatigue, lack of sleep or malnutrition, due to the distortion of the shape and appearance of the eyes, so that they resort to all The methods that help them get rid of them and ensure that they do not reappear again.Mixture to eliminate the blackness under the eyesMixture of honey and starchMix the amount of one tablespoon of starch with half a tablespoon of olive oil, then add the resulting mixture half a tablespoon of sesame oil and half a tablespoon of honey, and stir the previous ingredients until it gets a smooth mixture, then Spread the resulting mixture under the eyes and leave it also for sixty per minute, then wash the eyes with warm water, then moisturize with sweet almond oil and leave also for thirty minutes, then clean with warm water, and this mixture can be used twice a week.Apple and carrot mixtureSqueeze a whole grain of carrots after peeling, as it tightens an apple peeled and added to the carrot juice.Honey and sweet almond oil mixtureGrind a num

2 mixtures to remove blackness under the eyes

ber of fresh mint leaves with a few points of rose water using the mortar, then add to the mixture half a tablespoon of almond oil and half another tablespoon of honey and mix all the ingredients, then dip a piece of cotton in the The mixture and are used in moisturizing the area around the eyes, as this can leave the piece of cotton on the eyes for at least ten minutes, and repeat this mixture daily until it gets rid of the dark circles.Cucumber and potato sticesOne or more of the mature option are washed and cut into thin slices, then left at the place of dark circles until the pores are absorbed into the juice in it, while continuing to change the cucumber slices until they run out, and raw Potato slices can be used in the same way or by spraying and spraying age the result, then spread the juice around the eyes using a clean cotton.As the tea or chamomile compressBoil the tea with water, then let it cool a little, then soak the compresses in the boiled output and leave the eyes for a few minutes, modifying them as necessary, and it is important to lie down and take a break from comfort when appraising the compresses on the eyes, and it can also be used to boil fresh or dry cham

omile flowers in the same way.Was the article useful?

Remove black from under the eye

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