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1 black pimples

Remove black pimples – ” Contents1 Blackheads2 Blackhead removalBlackheadsMany women suffer from the appearance of black pimples or the so-called olive, a problem that haunts the beauty of the skin and worries the woman, because it spreads between the group of young people, and is not limited to women and young people only, as the Men are also exposed to the injury of their skin with black pimples.This is a problem with skin problems, and it is a type of open pimples that appear as a result of a blockage in the vehicles and hair follicles; Due to the presence of a fatty substance secreted by the skin called dirt that accumulates with dead skin cells, dust and dirt, and a total blockage of hair follicles occurs, forming pimples that oxidize the open and exposed part of the air and turns into black color, and often their appearance in the oily skin that is characterized by large pores, and due to the falsification without them without caring about hygiene and disinfection in other places of the skin, and they are often frequent in the nose and Chin.Remove blackheadsPersonal hygieneIt is important to wash the face with lukewarm water and a wash suitable for the nature of the skin to reduce the appearance of

2 removal of black pimples

black pimples, especially for people with oily skin, because it reduces the wash of tomorrow’s secretion of hair follicles, this includes cleaning the face from the effects of makeup and ensure that it is removed before sleeping, the skin remains clean to any accumulated material, and to disinfect the tools used on the skin, such as brush, sponge and towels.PeelingPeeling the face once or twice a week is an important thing for healthy skin, to rid it of impurities and dead skin cells that accumulate in the hair follicles. Natural ingredients for exfoliation can be used in every home such as oxan, starch, buttocks and sugar granules.PoorExposing the face of a steam bath is an important thing to open the pores, and rid the skin of blackheads by pressing them with two pieces of clean cotton and ensuring that the hands are cleaned and clean. One of the types of tunics for the pores, iced Rose water cubes can be used.Medical adhesive stripsIt can be purchased in any of the pharmacies, which is a specialized sticker for the purpose of eliminating blackheads, can be used at home with ease, wet the place of blackheads with water and put the medical adhesive and wait a quarter of an hour,

then remove a batch so that the blackheads come out sticking to the medical adhesive and repeat. The operation if it is necessary for that.A lotion dedicated to the elimination of blackheadsThere are certain types of lotion that are allocated to mitigate and reduce the appearance of black pimples, and use them regularly limits the development of the problem, with permanent care not to alter the skin and pimples and not for them to be uncontaminated and spread elsewhere.Use masks and masks for the skinNatural materials are the safest for the skin and some give impressive results, and these masks include the mask made of egg white, flour, honey, rose water and starch, rice flour mask and potatoes.Drink more waterDrinking two cups of water in the morning is an important thing that helps rid the body of toxins, supports the skin with freshness and tension and reduces the appearance and inflammation of pimples.Was the article helpful?

Remove black pimples

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