Remove blackheads with gelatin

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Remove blackheads with gelatin – “Contents1 blackheads2 reasons for the appearance of blackheads3 ways to eliminate blackheadsblack headsGelatin is a gelatinous material, colorless, smell and taste, and it is either an animal resulting from cows, cattle, pigs or vegetarian caused by seaweed, and it has many uses, the most important of which is its entry into the manufacture of foods such as types of dairy products, cheese, chocolate and ice cream, and in the production of pharmaceutical and medical supplies, as well as cosmetic uses, because it nourishes the skin and makes it smoother and fresher.As for blackheads, they are black pills that appear on the skin of all kinds, especially oily skin, due to their great secretion of oils, and because women always try to appear in a bright and clear face and free of impurities and pimples, We will show you in this article the reasons for the appearance of blackheads, in addition to a way to remove them with two gelatin and other ways for the same purpose.The reasons for the emergence of blackheadsStress and fatigue.Hormonal changes.Genetics.Uncleaned skin.Use of cosmetics.Smoking.Drink alcohol.Eating caffeine.Ways to remove blackheadsGelatin maskMix a tablespoon of milk o

2 Reasons for the appearance of blackheads

r milk with a tablespoon of unflavored gelatin in a bowl.Microwave the mixture for ten seconds, or put it on low heat until it becomes warm but not hot.Place the mixture on the affected area and often the nose, used for this makeup brush.Leave the gelatin mixture on your skin for twenty minutes or to dry completely.Slowly remove the mask, starting from one of its limbs to the adhesive nose, to notice the blackheads that stuck them.Wash your face with warm water.Remarks:Gelatin is available in different markets or in two perfumers.Wash the makeup brush immediately after using it, so that the gelatin does not congeal it, then it is difficult to remove.If your face becomes red due to its sensitivity to the gelatin adhesive, run an ice cube over your skin.Lemon MaskMix two tablespoons of lemon juice with a small amount of water in a small bowl.Immerse a cotton ball in the mixture, then put it directly on your infected skin until it dries completely.Wash your face with cold water.Note: Avoid applying lemon juice directly to your face without adding water, as this will cause it to become irritated, and stingy and red.Tomato MaskChoose two large ripe tomato seeds completely, then remove t

3 ways to remove blackheads

he thin outer cortex and crush it with a fork.Add 1 tablespoon of olive oil or cream, then mix well.Place a layer of mixture on your face away from the eye circumference and leave it on for 15-20 minutes.Note: If you have sensitive skin, it is best not to use a cream.Was the item helpful?

Remove blackheads with gelatin

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