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Remove dark circles – ” Contents1 Dark circles2 The reasons for the emergence of dark circles3 Ways to eliminate dark circles4 referencesDark circlesDark circles surrounding the eye are a problem that most people suffer from, especially those who look a lot, and this problem is very common in women and men, and it is explained as a very thin layer of skin, which does not contain glands or fats, so it clearly reflects the color of the blood, so its dark indicate a sign of other terms, the blood is disturbed that the blood is loaded with toxic substances such as carbon dioxide, and this explains the accumulation of a large group of Toxic gases in the blood as a result of constipation, and when they get rid of these gases, oxygen gas replaces carbon dioxide, so the color of what is under the eyes returns to the eyes. Naturally, the foods that increase the level of oxygen in the The blood, those containing vitamin C, such as orange, lemon and guava. [1]The reasons for the emergence of dark circlesThere are many reasons behind the emergence of dark circles around the eye area, the most important of which are genetic factors, and it can be the result of aging, fatigue and fatigue, eye stress for prolonged per

2 The reasons for the emergence of dark circles

iods, malnutrition, frequent work and lack of sleep, or it may be the result of dry skin surrounding it, and both sexes are vulnerable to the appearance of dark circles, they are not a serious disease, but rather reflect the extent of fatigue that has afflicted you. [2]Methods to eliminate dark circlesTo get rid of auras, there are a variety of recipes and home remedies used for this purpose, including:[3]Almond oil: One of the natural products that do not harm the health of the eye, is able to moisturize the eye area and get rid of the darkness, and it is by gently massaging the area during the evening periods and leaving it for a full night And in the morning, the oil is washed with cold water, it is repeated daily until it disappears from the auras.Option: because it has lightning and whitening properties for the skin, and it is by cutting the cucumber for a set of slides and put them to cool in the refrigerator, then remove and put it around the eye area, and it is repeated about twice every day and more than a week until the auras disappear, and cucumber juice can also be used, mix it with lemon juice with an equal amount and apply the eye area with it, and as soon as it passe

3 ways to remove dark circles

s 15 minutes, it is washed with lukewarm water and applied for a week a day.Potatoes: Its whitened characteristics made it one of the treatments used to get rid of dark circles, and it is by placing a pill or two potatoes in the refrigerator, then squeezing it after it cools and applied the juice on the face and leave it 10 10 -15 minutes, while repeating them immediately until the desired results are obtained, and the potatoes can also be sliced and placed on the eye.Rose water: a snake that allows Nin to calm the skin and make a remedy against circles, and it is by applying the eye area with rose water, leaving about 15 minutes, twice a day.Tomatoes: Mixing a tablespoon of tomato juice with half a lemon juice to spoon and grease the dark area for 10 minutes, twice a day.Coconut oil: This gently massages the area and left for several hours and is used twice a day.Tea bags: This is by cooling them in the refrigerator before applying them to the eyes for 10 to 15 minutes, placed twice a day.Turmeric: Mix two tablespoons of its powder with a little pineapple juice, then apply the area with the paste formed and leave for 10 minutes, repeat daily to the desired results.the reviewerWas

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Remove dark circles

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