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Remove face scales – ” Contents1 face scale2 reasons for the appearance of face scales3 Elimination of face scales4 referencesFace scalesMany people are embarrassed by the presence of some scales on their faces; This is because it is obvious on the person’s face, in addition to his or her feeling of stories and dry skin as well, and it can’t be easily hidden. The best solution to feel confident is to get rid of it permanently by using some methods and recipes. [1]Reasons for the appearance of facial scalesIt is known that dandruff appears on dry skin without moisture, so many resort to the use of moisturizers to get rid of this problem, but sometimes the reason behind it can be a healthy condition like oily dermatitis, it is a condition that affects A large number of people in the world, and it is completely like a shell, but it is accompanied by inflammation, redness and friction, and it is surprising that this type of dandruff does not occur because of dry skin, but it is caused by an increase in the production of fats on the skin. The exact cause of sebaceous dermatitis is not clear, but there are many factors that play a role in its appearance, and it is believed that it is the result of an overgro

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wth of a type of fungus called yeast, which can increase the condition Of this inflammation worse is oily skin, stress or fatigue and maximum temperatures (such as very cold weather), and not wash the face constantly. [2]Remove facial scalesFacial scales can be removed with the following steps: [3]Keeping the dandruff-infected area clean until it is easy to get rid of the dead skin, and for this, it is advisable to use children’s shampoo because it is suitable and safe for sensitive areas such as eyebrows and eyelids due to its proximity to the eye.Get rid of the dry skin by using a face peeling lotion and massaging the areas infected by the shell, and in case the area is the eyebrows or eyelids, the eyes should be closed tightly and if the whiskers should be closed to avoid The entrance of the wash in, and it is also possible to get rid of the dry skin by removing it with soft toothpicks.The use of shampoos for the removal of dandruff and that are sold in commercial stores, but one of its disadvantages is that the shell is due to the appearance after a period of its disappearance.There are also home remedies that can be used to treat the shell of the face, including tea tree oil b

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ecause of its anti-fungal properties, and the ability to mix it easily with any type of moisturizing creams or shampoos, and vinegar is also an effective treatment For facial dandruff, it has a great ability to treat dry areas on the skin, it can be used by reducing it in a small amount of water and applying it to the infected areas. [1]the reviewerWas the article useful?

Remove face scales

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