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Remove freckles in a week – “Contents1 Al-Nasheb2 types of freckles3 methods of removing freckles4 reasons for the appearance of freckles5 We have a chronology6 directors of the Al -Nasash7 video treatment8 referencesFrecklesFreckles is a small, stable darker spot of skin color, appears in separate places of the body, but it often appears on the face, neck and shoulders, and it is at the level of the skin surface and not prominent, and the incidence of it increases during the summer season; Especially in white skin. Freckles are very large, but it is not sick, but rather a characteristic of the skin, and is not often harmful, and it can be treated medically, or using natural recipes that we will learn in this article, which, which is safer than medical treatments. [1] [2]Types of frecklesThere are two basic types of freckles, namely:Simple freak: this type is small.Sun stalker: is larger than the first type, and its color is darker.Methods of removalMedical treatmentsSeveral medical treatments are used to eliminate freckles; It can take two weeks to show its results, and it can be resorted to if it causes a problem or is disturbed; It has an effective effect on its treatment, but it is necessary to be careful

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before resorting to it and consult the specialist doctor; There are no side effects, and among these treatments: [3]Treatment with laser: Laser therapy is generally safe; The percentage of risk is simple; When the injured are subjected to several sessions, the infected area is exposed to intense light; To treat it, but some side effects may appear, including: skin of the skin, swelling and peeling, and changes may occur on the color of the skin.Liquid nitrogen: this method is also safe, and you do not need long time and long time to recover, in which the cold liquid nitrogen freezes and destroys the skin cells, and its eligible side effects include: bleeding, appearance of ulcers, lack of pigmentation and in rare cases that may cause the appearance of a skin on skin on the skin.Chemical peeling: chemical peeling is used as a chemical solution; To exfoliate the freckled area, a new layer of skin appears, and it is recommended if this treatment is used to avoid exposure to sunlight; Until the skin is healed and the decent side effects of it: swelling, irritation, peeling and redness of the skinNatural prescription therapyThe Pacific and natural skin recipes used to treat freckles ne

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ed longer and use them regularly; let the positive consequences positive, and these recipes are: [4]Lemon juice: Lemon juice is prepared, and it is placed on the area where freckles appear and leaves for 10 to 15 minutes.Honey: Take a teaspoon of honey, add a little warm water, then put the freckle, leave for 10 to 15 minutes, then wash the face with warm water; Honey has natural properties to whiten the face.Papaya: This recipe will keep your skin healthy and soft; The enzyme in it reduces the freckles; Where the papaya juice is placed on a piece of cotton, and it is wiped directly to the presence of freckles; For 10 to 15 minutes, then wash the face with cold water, and this recipe is repeated daily.Juice Tammam: Cummers are limited to the appearance of freckles, and it is treated as a parent; In vitamin CCucumber juice recipe: cucumber juice is extracted from the fresh option, and it is placed on the skin twice a day.Fruit and vegetable puree: this mask consists of: apricot, strawberry, reddish and option; When these ingredients are municipal together and the mask is applied on the skin, this mask will keep the skin healthy and soft and effectively reduce freckles.Radio: A pulse

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is squeezed from radia, adding a lemon juice and mix well, then put the mixture on the face and leave until it dries, then wash with water; This recipe will be natural and blackheads will be removed if found.Al-Muthafal milk: The milk contains octagonal acid, and this acid is the one that helps to reduce freckles, and it is placed directly on the skin and 10 minutes are left, then the face is washed with warm water and another mask can be prepared with.Al -zubadi: Al -zubadi contains a bacterial acid, is applied directly to the skin and leaves several precisions, then wash the face with foundations. [3]Onions: Rub the skin with part of the connection, then wash the face with warm water; While onions peel the skin and reduce the beams. [3]Tip: In case of skin irritation, it is advisable to stop the type of treatment it directly caused; Sometimes there are substances that are not suitable for certain types of skin; Particularly sensitive skin.Reasons for the appearance of frecklesOne of the reasons for the appearance of freckles on the skin is:Exposure to sunlight: when exposed to sunlight for long periods of time, as the melanin material will not be distributed naturally in the ski

n, so that this material is gathered around the skin of the skin, causing the appearance of freckles.Genetic reasons: Inheritance can be a cause of the appearance of freckles if there is a family member who had a previous walk.We have a responsibility for frecklesBy pruning, the hereditary element cannot be changed for the appearance of freckles, but there are major leadership measures that target the sun and protection from its rays; Indeed, those who seem to have freckles are more than those of skin cancer than others, and although some simple methods prevent the sun’s rays: [5] [2]Using a sunscreen with the SPF 50 level.Using wide edges.Wearing sun protective clothing, which means that possible parts of the body are covered by the body of the facility, such as: neck, chest, appearance and shoulders.Avoid exposure to the sun’s rays during peak hours; From the tenth hour of the morning until the fourth in the afternoon.Gasoline producersThere are facts and information that must be known about freshness and from these facts:[6]The cells responsible for the formation of freckles in the skin are the pigment cells, and these cells are responsible for the coloring of the skin.The appea

rance of freckles on the skin of young children is possible; Its appearance is not limited to the old or both languages.If the color of freckles becomes dark in summer and is open in winter, it is normal; The Sun has a major role in increasing its appearance.The walk is generally harmful.It is possible to prevent freckles or relieve its appearance, using many treatments or various natural recipes.In case of change in the size of freckles, its color or shape, the specialist doctor should be consulted. [3]Freckles treatment videoTo learn more about freckles and how to treat them, watch this video.the reviewerWas the article helpful?

Remove freckles in a week

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