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Remove freckles – ” Contents1 freckles2 ways to get rid of freckles3 lemon juice4 referencesFreshFresh defines as brown spots that cover the surface of the skin, in different sizes and shapes, and according to the classification of the American assembly is one of the symptoms indicating skin damage, and one of the reasons that cause the appearance of freckles is a hormonal imbalance of lot, and can be easily eliminated from mongoose spots through a set of treatments and home recipes. [1]Ways to get rid of frecklesThere are several natural recipes for removing freckles from the face, including:[2]Milk Al -Rayeb: as it contains lactic acid and very effective to get rid of freckles spots, and it is by placing a quantity of milk on the place of freckles and leaving it until it dries, then rinsing it with warm water and Moisturize the place with a moisturizer and repeat this process at least once a day.Honey: This is one of the natural remedies rich in enzymes capable of getting rid of skin dyes, and honey is considered one of the natural moisturizers, and honey can be used by adding a quantity to a cup of water and heating them through The microwave, then applying the intended area and left for some tim

2 Ways to get rid of freckles

e before washing it with water, the recipe is repeated daily to the desired results, and honey can also be used with herbs for this purpose, and that is by mixing the bacterial wheat with a little honey and put it on the place of freckles for ten minutes, and repeat it three times a week.Papaya fruits: Papaya fruits contain glue which is enzymes that play a role in lightning, and it is by moistening a piece of cotton with papaya juice and applying it on the place of Freckles for ten minutes, and maintaining this recipe at least once a day.Onions: Onions are rich in sulfur, which possess peeling properties, especially those in red, and it is by cutting the onions to slices and rubbing the area twice a day, and to ensure better results are added a little vinegar to the onion slices and rub the area provided.Castor oil: grease the area with oil-pellet before going to bed, rub it and wash it with water in the morning and repeat daily to achieve the required results, taking into account the choice of pure suit for a quick treatment.Radish: When radish contains vitamin C, it is able to get rid of freckles and maintain the health of the skin, and it is by applying the place of freckles wi

3 lemon juice

th radish juice for ten minutes, once a day.Sesame Seeds: Sesame and turmeric improve the lighting of skin color and get rid of freckles by making a paste that includes a spoonful of sesame seeds and turmeric, with a little water, and leave the paste on the place of freckles for a Period of at least ten minutes, and then wash it off with water.LemonadeGrease the spots with a little lemon juice, leave it for a period of more than a quarter of an hour, rinse the face with lukewarm water, and it is advisable to repeat this recipe twice a day, to get incredible results. [3]the reviewerWas the article useful?

Remove freckles

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