Remove grain stains from the face

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Remove grain stains from the face – “Contents1 grain stains2 ways to remove grain spots from the face3 referencesGrain spotsMany people, especially teenagers, suffer from embarrassing periods that come with the appearance of grain, and they spread on their face in the form of red blisters and different sizes, and the biggest problem is when the grain disappears, so its place Remains spots traces, so many people resort to looking for the most important methods and recipes that will get rid of this problem, in this article, the most important natural mixtures used to eliminate grain spots from the face will be presented. [ 1]Ways to remove facial grain spotsTo eliminate facial grain spots, follow these steps: [2]Baking soda method: This substance is one of the best materials used to get rid of the effects of facial pimples, and it mainly works to exfoliate and clean the skin, so its texture and shape become wonderful, and it is the following:[2]Mix a tablespoon of baking soda with a little water, so that you get a paste that can be applied to the skin.Spread the gene on the skin and leave it for a period varying between two and three minutes.Wash the area well.Repeat the method twice a week.Washing the face twice a day

2 ways to remove grain stains from the face

: washing the face twice a day helps to get rid of the dirt and grime stuck in the skin, and lukewarm water should be used, then dry the area well, use a moisturizer or cucumber juice, so that it works as functioning as an anti-inflammatory, and thus preventing the swelling of pimples, or redness. [2]Drinking water: Water is considered one of the most important ways to get rid of toxins stored in the body, and it is suitable for all types of skin, and helps to preserve it bright and shiny, so it is necessary to drink at least eight cups of water per day, in order to ensure the achievement of moist skin. [3]Use lemon juiceThis method is very effective, because lemon juice contains many benefits, including: cleaning the skin, which leads to the destruction of bacteria that lead to the spread of grains, and help to remove dead skin cells, and thus achieve a new and healthy skin, and Its use is as follows:[4]]Put a piece of cotton in fresh lemon juice.Wipe the effects of the grains before sleeping every day.Green teaGreen tea can be used by the following methods: [1]Mix a little green tea with a little oatmeal, to make a paste that can be placed on the face.Put the paste like a mask on

the skin.Leave it on for about half an hour.Wash the skin with lukewarm water.Egg yolk mask with honey and lemonFollow these steps to prepare egg yolk mask with honey and lemon:[4]Mix two tablespoons of white honey with one egg yolk and one tablespoon of lemon juice.Put the mixture as a mask on the face and leave it for about an hour.Wash your face with lukewarm water.Repeat the method twice a day.the reviewerWas the article helpful?

Remove grain stains from the face

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