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Remove nose fat – ” Contents1 nose fat2 reasons for the formation of nasal fat3 The difference between nose fat and blackheads4 medical methods to remove nose fat5 home recipes to get rid of nose fat6 tips and instructions to get rid of nose fat7 referencesNasal fatMany men and women suffer from the problem of nasal grease, which defines it as small accumulations of sebum or oils and dead skin cells that form around the hair follicles, and these fats take on a white or dull color, and the accumulation of these fats is annoying for many, and fortunately, there are many natural treatments and mixtures that can be followed to get rid of this problem. [1]Reasons for the formation of nose fatNose fat is found in all people, where sebaceous glands are produced inside the skin to act as a natural moisturizer and a natural barrier against water, and the degree of appearance of nasal fat varies in people; It depends on the type of skin. Dry skin decreases the appearance of nasal oil, while oily skin suffers from an increase in excess fats and oils that make the skin’s pores larger. [2]The difference between nasal fat and blackheadsIn many cases, nose fat and blackheads are confused, which both appear in the

2 Reasons for the formation of nasal fats

same areas of the face, especially around the nose and on the chin or forehead,[1] the differences between them can be summarized as in The following points: [3]Installation: Blackheads arise once or in isolated areas of the nose or face, while the Oax of the nose arises in an even pattern and on the oily parts of the skin, such as the nose, chin, eyebrows, forehead and cheeks.Color and size: you can easily identify blackheads because they are black in color and their size is larger.Texture: nose fat is different from blackheads; it is soft when it touches it, unlike blackheads which are usually rough and hard because they grow outside the pores.Medical methods to remove nose fatThese are some of the ways a doctor can use to remove nose fat:[1]Paleillic acid therapy: it is the beta hydroxyl acid that contains superficial peeling properties, and this acid is present in the wash and products that have been manufactured for the purpose of eliminating blackheads and love of young people from the skin, in addition to treating the skin This secretes many oils and fats, and it is recommended to use this acid twice a week to remove nose fat.Creams or gels: these creams are characterized by

3 The difference between nasal fats and blackheads

their effectiveness in eliminating fat and blackheads from the nose, and these creams are often over-the-counter, but you should consult a doctor for best results.Antibiotics: which is prescribed by the dermia, when the condition exacerbates, in addition to creams containing vitamin A, such as: Clotrimazole, Titinin and Tazarotin, all of which are effective creams that the doctor prescribes to remove fat from the nose.Laser therapy: which is one of the effective ways to remove fat from the nose, so a thick beam of light is passed to the affected area to reduce the secretion of oil in the skin, in addition to eliminating the bacteria that cause infection through the skin , and it should be noted that the nasal fat may return again after the laser procedure.Use of tweezers: due to the removal or era of nasal fat, eliminate them and eliminate them, and care should be taken to perform it with a dermatologist and not alone.Home recipes to remove nose fatBaking sodaThis peeler helps to get rid of excess oils, and baking soda is characterized by its ability to kill bacteria on the nose due to its anti-bacterial properties. [4]Ingredients: 1 tablespoon of baking soda, water.How to prepare

4 medical methods to remove nose fat

and use: mix the ingredients well to make a thick paste, then put the affected area and leave for a minute, then rinse with water.LesionIngredients: 1 tablespoon of sugar, a few drops of lemon juice, a little water.How to prepare and use: the sugar is crushed to become a soft powder, then add water and lemon juice, and mix well with each other, then put the mixture on the nose and rub it gently for 3 to 5 minutes, then wash the Face wash with cold water and dry wells. [5]Ginger and apple cider vinegarGinger is one of the substances capable of decreasing and breaking down fat in all areas of the body, including the nose. [6]Ingredients: equal amounts of grated ginger and apple cider vinegar, a little toothpaste.How to prepare and use: Mix the ingredients well, then put the mixture all over the nose and leave for 15 minutes, then wash the nose with cold water and make sure not to go near the eye area.LemonadeLemon juice is one of the effective treatments to remove fat from the nose. The citric acid in the juice works for deep cleaning of the skin and pulls the dirt and oils from the pores of the nose, and this is done by squeezing a lemon and extracting the juice from it, then the j

uice is placed on the nose using the fingers and making circular motions. [7]apple cider vinegarThe alpha hydroxy acid found in apple cider vinegar helps to get rid of layers of dead cells, in addition to cleaning the nose of accumulated dirt and oils. [8]Ingredients: A small apple cider vinegar and water.How to prepare and use: mix the ingredients well, then a piece of cotton is immersed in the solution and wipe the nose with it and leave for 10 minutes, then wash with water and repeat this daily for a week for best results .Tips and guidelines for getting rid of nasal greaseMake sure to do the skin cleansing sessions continuously. [3]Constantly using the toner; It helps to get rid of excess oils. [3]The modesty of clay masks; It helps to get rid of the nose. [3]Avoid fatty foods as it negatively affects the skin. [3]Follow the ways of skin lightening to hide the fat of the nose. [3]You should make sure that all the products used, whether they are skin care, makeup or even hair care products, are written on them non-comedogenic or non-accedogenic; Because the products that do not contain these phrases can lead to clogged pores and make the nasal fat lighter and pimples appear. [9]

Not excessive washing or peeling of the skin, because this can cause skin tissue, which makes the skin more vulnerable to inflammation, bacterial growth and pimples appear. [9]Continuously moisturizing the skin, hydrating skin is softer and naturally expels unwanted materials through the pores. [9]Drink enough water, as it helps to maintain skin health and cell turnover rate, which prevents the accumulation of dead cells. [9]Eat appropriate amounts of healthy fats and fatty acids, and there are in many sources of whole foods such as: nuts, seeds, dark leafy vegetables and fish, they help to improve the skin and keep their moisture, as this helps to control the secretion of oils and prevent the sebaceous glands from secreting excess oils over the needs. [9]the reviewerWas the article useful?

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