Remove pills from the body

1 Maintaining the cleanliness of the body’s skin

Remove pills from the body – ” Contents1 keep the skin of the body clean2 eat balanced food3 medical treatments4 Use home recipes5 referencesKeeping the skin of the body cleanKeeping the body skin clean is the first step to get rid of body pills, which is done by taking care of the shower immediately after finishing any tense activity, for example in the university club or the beach. One of the remnants of sunscreens and others, these materials will accumulate at the hair follicles, causing the appearance of pills, and it is also advisable to use the body lotion that contains one of the active ingredients such as salicylic acid; This is due to its mild effect on reducing the chances of inflammation and it also helps to clear the closed pores. [1]Eating a balanced dietCommitment to a healthy and balanced diet helps to maintain the health of the skin in general, which includes eliminating pimples that spread to the body, adhering to eating foods rich in antioxidants; Due to its positive effect on resisting free radicals that cause some skin problems such as wrinkles, it is also important to not forget the hydration of the body skin by drinking enough water and avoiding drinks that cause diuretics such as alcohol

2 Eating balanced food

, to prevent the drying of the skin.Medical treatmentsSome people may need to resort to medical treatments to get rid of cereal, as it is possible to use the cereal products available in pharmacies, some of which do not need a medical prescription and other stronger drugs that are spent only with a prescription . It should be noted that specialists advise the use of products that contain in their composition on benzoyl peroxide and apply them to the pills before sleeping, and if this treatment is not successful, it is possible to resort to a doctor specializing in skin Diseases for diagnosis and obtain an appropriate prescription for medical treatment The specialist doctor advises the use of topical antibiotics or drugs that are taken through the mouth; To resist bacteria and treat infections, among these drugs: the adapalene, tazarotene or titenoin. [2]Use of home recipesIt is possible to resort to the application of some home recipes to try to get rid of body pills, and recipes that are advised to try the proposals by the dermatologist Ava Shamban, which is done by crushing two grains of aspirin and then mixing it with Drops of water and honey in appropriate quantities as needed,

3 medical treatments

to form a paste placed on the skin for ten minutes, and then wash it with water, as this mixture helps to dry the pimples and reduce swelling. [2]the reviewerWas the article helpful?

4 Using home recipes

Remove pills from the body

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