Remove the black around the eye

1 dark circles

Remove the black around the eye – ” Contents1 Dark circles2 The reasons for the emergence of dark circles3 Ways to get rid of darkness around the eye4 cases where it is recommended to consult a doctorDark circlesThe eye is the most aesthetic member with its eyelids and eyebrows that add gravity to the face, especially when the skin is beautiful free of all the problems that reduce its radiance, but with the progress of life, and its great pressure was the skin suffered by fatigue that formed dark circles on it, which has become one of the most challenges faced by adults and children of all ages, its appearance is no longer related to age.The reasons for the emergence of dark circlesGenetics of a family member and continuous exposure to the sun.Arrogance, aging, with a lack of thickness of the skin.Follow bad habits, such as smoking, and lots of caffeine drinks.Malnutrition, and not giving the body all the elements it needs like iron.Do not give enough time to the body and cause it continuously.Not cleaning makeup properly, which increases the accumulation of oils.Not eating adequate amounts of water.The problem of nasal congestion which increases the expansion of blood vessels under the eyes.Ways to get rid of dark

2 The reasons for the emergence of dark circles

ness around the eyePut the cucumber slices kept in the refrigerator on the eyes while it is closed for a quarter of an hour, until it is washed with water and used several times.Potatoes contain enzymes that help preserve the skin, so applying potato slices to the eyes helps rid the skin of toxins that form dark circles.Use green tea ice cubes on the eyes, then wash them with works of cold water to give comfort to the skin by relieving the tumors.Placing milk paste and white bread under the eyes helps to give the skin many elements that it moisturizes.Rose water helps to calm the eyes, applying it on a piece of cotton used to clean the skin.To tune the cold skin, mint leaves are placed focusing on the area of dark circles, to increase blood circulation.Moisturizing the skin with creams or oils rich in vitamin C helps to increase the collagen under the skin.Moisturizing the skin with almond oil, especially before bedtime, increases skin comfort.Mixing pineapple juice and turmeric helps to get rid of dark circles, by placing it under the eye for 15 minutes.Avoid rubbing the eyes to avoid skin irritation.Avoid a lot of salt added to food, as salt makes the body retain water, which lea

3 Ways to get rid of blackness around the eye

ds to the appearance of darkness under the eye.When it is recommended to consult a doctorBlackness affects one eye.The dark circles develop rapidly.The appearance of dark circles due to health problems such as allergies.Get rid of dark circles with laser beams.Was the article helpful?

4 cases where it is recommended to consult a doctor

Remove the black around the eye

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