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1 black around the eyes

Remove the black around the eyes – ” Contents1 black around the eyes2 Removal of the black around the eyes3 referencesBlack around the eyesThe areas around the eye can develop many problems that affect their freshness and beauty, as black or dark circles are among the most common problems, which occur as a result of staying up late and not getting enough rest, or as a result of sitting for long periods In front of television or computer screens, except on poor diet, and not drinking enough water during the day and other causes that cause a dark around the eye, so in this article we will present you with a set of recipes to treat this problem . [1]Remove the darkness around the eyesThere are many natural recipes that will help get rid of the blackness under the eyes, which we mention in the following:OptionOption is one of the most important recipes that brighten the areas around the eyes, as it is through the era of a quantity of cucumber with a few drops of sour lemon juice, and soaked two pieces of circular cotton used to remove makeup, then Gelling the two cotton pads in the freezer for a few hours and put them on the eyes for less than fifteen minutes. [2]Almond oilIts use is to mix a teaspoon of almond oil with

2 removal of black around the eyes

a quarter of the amount of fresh mint juice, then massage the areas around the eyes with this mixture. [3]Rose waterRose water is considered one of the most used substances to treat skin problems such as acne or sunburn, wrinkles, etc., otherwise it can be used to get rid of the darkness around the eyes, by draining two circular cottages in amount of rose water and apply them on the eyes for a while half an hour. [4]YeastIt is the instant yeast that is used in the manufacture of mastery, as it is included in the manufacture of skin care products, which work to tighten the skin and get rid of dark circles around the eyes, where a teaspoon of yeast, corn Flour should be mixed, in addition to half a teaspoon of olive oil with natural honey, sesame oil.It is worth noting to adhere to these quantities in addition to ensuring that they do not enter the eye, in order to avoid the occurrence of infections and problems, as this mixture should be left on the eye for a period not exceeding forty-five minutes, And repeat this recipe day after day up to three weeks.PotatoesAn epoch of a quantity of potatoes, mix it with a little cucumber juice, then discharge two cotton pads in the mixture for

five minutes, and put it on the eyes when you sleep for a quarter twice a day.the reviewerWas the article helpful?

Remove the black around the eyes

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