Remove the black joint joints

1 Recipes for getting rid of the black joints

Remove the black joint joints – ” Contents1 recipes to get rid of black joints1.1 Recipe for yogurt with turmeric1.2 Cucumber and milk recipe1.3 Recipe for almond with sandalwood oil1.4 Turmeric and lemon juice recipe1.5 Recipe for lemon juice and olive oilRecipes to get rid of black jointsThe darkening that appears on the hands is concentrated in the area of the finger joint; Therefore, this requires some kind of focus and attention for the girl to get rid of it, and it is either by using creams, artificial and ready white creams, or by using different recipes and natural herbs, especially in this problem , here in this article we will present some recipes and materials through which this blackness can be eliminated.Recipe for yogurt with turmericIngredients:Two tablespoons of yogurt.A quarter of a tablespoon of turmeric.How to use:Mix the ingredients and put them on the hands, rubbing the black area in the fingers, then leave it for a third of an hour before washing it with cold water and soap, and this mixture can be used for the face and neck.CUCUBBUMER AND CORNingredients:Love cucumber.Two tablespoons of milk powder.Four drops of lemon juice.How to use:We cut the fruit of the cucumber and crush it well, then

1.1 yogurt recipe with turmeric

we mix it with spoons with milk and lemon juice, and put the resulting mixture on the hands, and let it dry completely, then we rinse it well with cold soap and water, and the The mixture is used once a week to get the best results.Recipe for almond with sandalwood oilIngredients:Five grains of ground green almonds.One quarter tablespoon of sandalwood oil.How to use:Mix the ingredients well until they form a paste, then put it on the hands and fingers, and leave it for fifteen minutes before washing them with warm soap and water, as almonds are considered one of the best materials that help Get rid of the tanning of fingers and hands.Turmeric and lemon juice recipeIngredients:1 tablespoon of turmeric.1 tablespoon of milk.Half a tablespoon of lemon juice.How to use:Mix turmeric, milk and lemon juice together, and put the resulting mixture on the hands and leave it for fifteen minutes before washing it with warm soap and water, as turmeric is very effective in getting rid of tan if the person continues to use it.Lemon jui and olive oil recipeIngredients:Two large spoons of lemon juice.1 tablespoon of olive oil.Half a tablespoon of coarse salt.How to use:We put previous ingredients a

1.2 Cucumber and milk recipe

fter mixing them together on the place of darkening by rubbing in a circular and gentle way, then we leave it for ten minutes before washing it with warm soap and water, then we put the moisturizer, as This mixture works in making anti-lemon to get rid of dark spots and tan.Was the article useful?

1.3 Almond recipe with sandalwood oil

Remove the black joint joints

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