Remove the dye from the skin

1 remove the dye from the skin

Remove the dye from the skin – ” Contents1 Remove the dye from the skin1.1 Toothpaste1.2 White vinegar1.3 AcetoneRemove the dye from the skinMany girls are exposed while dyeing hair at home or beauty salon to color the skin in the color of the dye, especially the areas surrounding the hairdresser, such as the neck, forehead and ears, which leaves light brown spots on the skin These places, which are a big problem and inconvenience among girls and women when one has to leave the house is after the end of the dyeing and dye stains remaining in these areas, and this problem can be eliminated and the stains of the dye of The skin can be eliminated and permanently removed by applying one of the following methods to the location of the dye on the skin.toothpasteToothpaste can strongly influence the dye stains that occur on the skin while dyeing the hair, and removing it very quickly without the need to make a great effort and be able to remove the dye stains from the skin, take into account The availability of toothpaste paste in white and toothpaste does not replace the teeth for different. The chemical composition between them, as for the steps to remove the dye from the skin is:Spread enough toothpaste on the locat

1.1 toothpaste

ion of the dye stains on the skin.Start the paste on the skin in circular motions until it gets rid of the dye spots.The individual toothpaste is returned to other areas of the skin that are stained in the dye and stir continuously, including drying the toothpaste on the skin while cleaning one of the areas and leaving the other until its role arrives.Wash the skin after finishing the water.white vinegarWhite vinegar helps to get rid of the stains of the dye on the skin, taking into account to avoid it on sensitive skin or try it on the hand before applying it to the face and neck to ensure that the skin is not irritated or detected white vinegar, and we can benefit from the vinegar with some steps, which are the followingSoak a piece of cotton with white vinegar until it is sufficiently absorbed.Gently rub the stained skin with a piece of cotton, only when the color of the dye disappears.The previous steps are repeated in all the areas of the skin stained in the dye, until they are permanently gone from the skin.AcetoneIn its composition, acetone contains many artificial color analysis, so it can be used to get rid of the color of the dye from the skin, and to do this we do the fo

1.2 White vinegar

llowing steps:Soak a piece of cotton with anatone until an appropriate amount is absorbed.Make sure that the area to be used anatone is free of injuries or severe scratches.Scrub the dye area by cutting the cotton until it permanently gets rid of the dye color.Was the item useful?

1.3 Acetone

Remove the dye from the skin

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