Remove the effects of acne quickly

1 Remove the effects of acne quickly

Remove the effects of acne quickly – ” Contents1 Quickly remove the effects of acne1.1 baking soda mixture1.2 drink water1.3 lemon juice1.4 Green tea1.5 egg mixture with honey and lemon1.6 Sulfur and turmeric soap1.7 Wash the faceRemove the effects of acne quicklyMany young men and women suffer from acne and accompanying effects on the skin, and sometimes these effects can reach the point of digging the skin and distorting its vision, but with the development of science, the development of medical research and man’s ongoing experiments; Some natural methods and mixtures that can be used to get a pure skin free of acne effects have been achieved, and here we will review the most important methods and mixtures of this:Soda mixtureThis mixture has proved to be in a good, effective and inexpensive way, as its ingredients are inexpensive and available in the market, and this mixture depends on mixing a spoonful of baking soda with a little water as needed, until a paste is reached, this The paste is spread on the face and left for a period of 2 to 2 to 2 to 3 minutes, then rinse the face with warm water and dry, and the process is repeated three times a week, and a good and noticeable result will be obtained, God willing.d

1.1 Baking soda mixture

rink waterWater is a very effective and healthy treatment for the human body; Due to the benefits on the body and skin, as it is called, water helps to liquidize the skin, maintain its freshness and glow, and until the best results are achieved; Experts recommend drinking eight cups of water a day, so that the skin remains clear, moist and fresh.LemonadeLemon juice is a golden treasure for the skin. And the best way to get the best results; It is to squeeze the lemon, dip it in a piece of cotton and wipe the face with it daily before going to bed, while making sure that the juice is not placed during daytime hours.Green teaIt is always recommended for green tea as an effective weapon in cases of obesity, and also has a great effect in the elimination of acne by making a green tea mask, mixing tea with oatmeal and placing it on the face for a period not exceeding half an hour in the day, then gently wash the face with water, taking into account the lukewarm.Mixing eggs with honey and lemonThe method of this mask is very easy, simply mix an egg yolk with a little natural lemon juice, and put white honey by two tablespoons, mix the mixture well and put it on your face twice a day and

1.2 Drink water

night.Sulfur and turmeric soapOn the market is available on the market soap and sulfur soap, and it is effective in eliminating the effects of acne, only the face should be washed with turmeric soap and sulfur soap once a day, and after washing the wheat oil Places with a simple brochure work, the process is repeated until it is achieved the desired result.Washing the faceMaintaining the cleanliness of the face and wash it with water helps to get rid of harmful bacteria from the face, and thus the speed of obtaining a clear, fresh and pure skin.Was the article useful?

1.3 Lemon juice

Remove the effects of acne quickly

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