Remove the facial shell

1 Ways to remove the facial shell

Remove the facial shell – ” Contents1 ways to remove the facial hull2 skin peeled video with brown sugar and honeyWays to remove facial hullThe process of skin exfoliation from time to time is one of the procedures that many women do in order to keep the skin fresh and get rid of the remains of dead skin cells, and there are many cosmetics that contain chemicals that the woman is afraid to use to influence them. Negative on the skin; Therefore, we will show here in this article many recipes and methods based on pure natural materials to exfoliate the skin.Coffee, sugar and lavenderحيثُ يتمّ طحن ملعقة من حبوب القهوة، وخلطها مع ربع ملعقة من السكر، وربع ملعقة من مع زيت اللافندر لتصبح عجينة شبه سائلة، ثمّّ نضع منها على البشرة ونفرك بلطف، من أجل التخلُّص من الخلايا الميتة، فهذه الوصفة تهتم بتقشير، وترطيب وتغذية الوجه في same time.Lemon and saltMix a teaspoon of salt with a quarter of a tablespoon of lemon juice and use it to exfoliate the skin twice a day, and this recipe is suitable for those with oily skin, but to avoid the drying of the skin due to the lemon, it is best to Use a moisturizer or oils such as coconut oil after use.Sugar and olive oilWhen a tablespoon of sugar is mixed with a tablespoon of olive

2 Video peeled skin with brown sugar and honey

oil, put it on the skin and rub it gently, as the olive oil is nourished and softened.Brown sugar and honeyMix a tablespoon of sugar granules with a tablespoon of natural honey and gently rub the skin, because brown sugar is rough and difficult to dissolve in water, so it can be made into a paste by mixing it with a teaspoon of water and peeling the skin with.Strawberry and honeyCrush a strawberry and mix with a teaspoon of honey, then rub the skin with it, as this recipe is effective in exfoliating the skin and nourishing the skin.Avocado with honey and sugarMash an avocado and mix it with two tablespoons of natural honey and a tablespoon of sugar, then put it on the spout and rub it gently, and a tablespoon of lemon juice can be added to it, and we leave it for twenty meeks before washing the face well.Nouts mixed with cornmealWhen we mix three tablespoons of corn flour with a tablespoon of nut powder like almonds or walnuts with a tablespoon of water, then put the mixture on the skin, leave it for a quarter of an hour with a circular rubbing and gently, and wash it well with the appropriate warm and soap.CoffeeCoffee exfoliates the skin and its recovery because it contains vario

us anti-inflammatory coffee acids, and helps it to secrete the collagen necessary for the skin, and this is by mixing a tablespoon of coffee in a tablespoon of water or olive oil, then wipe with the skin and leave it for ten minutes with rubbing in a circular manner and gently washing the face with warm water and soap.Video peeling skin with brown sugar and honeyTo learn more about skin peeling with brown sugar and honey, watch the video.Was the article helpful?

Remove the facial shell

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