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Remove the nail glue – “Contents1 artificial nailsRemoval of nail glue3 Synthetic Nails Damage4 types of artificial nails5 referencesSynthetic nailsSynthetic nails are used for fashion purposes, and the appearance of long nails, especially if the real nails do not grow well, and the glue is used to repair them and sometimes it is difficult to remove, so we will learn in this article the methods of Removal of artificial glue artificial, as well.Remove glue from nailsSometimes it is difficult to remove artificial nails, and after being able to remove them, the gum residue can be seen on the nails, and some methods can be followed to remove the gum without damaging the natural nails, including:[1]Remove pressure from pressure nailsPressure nails can be removed:Water and soap: soak the nails with warm water and soap, relaxing artificial nails, and the way is:[2]ingredients:An appropriate amount of warm water.Several drops of hand to prepare:Mix water with soap in a small bowl.Soak the fingertips in the water and soap mixture for 10 minutes and shake the nails back and forth while soaking.Remove artificial nails after the soaking period is over if they are ready for removal.Nail oil: An oil can be us

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ed for the skin surrounding the nails to remove pressure nails, taking care not to try to remove them by force if it does not come out easily, and the way is:[2]Ingredients: cuticle to prepare:Place several drops of nail skin oil directly under the pressure nails.Leave the oil on the nails for a few minutes.It shook the nails back and forth; to ensure that it can be easily removed.Acetone: When the failure of the previous means, acetone can be tried to remove the nail polish, taking into account the nail polish remover that does not contain acetone can not remove the gum, and the way is: [2]Ingredients: nail polish remover in acetone.How to prepare:Pour acetone into a small bowl.Soak the tips of the nails so that the acetone reaches the skin surrounding the nail only.Leave the nails for a few minutes.Pulling the edges of the fingers; To remove artificial nails if it is ready to be removed.Wash hands with warm water and mild soap; to get rid of the effects of the acetone.Dry hands, apply moisturizer to hands and nails.Note: Acetone can be placed on a piece of cotton and placed on the nails; To remove the gum instead of the soaking process.Removing acrylic nailsAcetone is one

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of the best and safest ways to remove acrylic nail glue, and one of the methods of removing acrylic nails is:[3]ingredients:Acetone.Nail clippers.Nail file.Aluminum foil.Vaseline.Cotton balls.How to prepare:Cut the acrylic nails; To shorten it to the shortest possible.Remove the top layer of nail polish with the coolant so that the hands do not stain with paint.Put Vaseline on the skin around the nails.Place acetone on the cotton pieces, then put the cotton on the nails.Show pieces of aluminum shavings and wrap them over the cotton pieces and leave them for 25-30 minutes.Gently pull the aluminum shavings so that the acrylic nails come out with it, and if they don’t leave it, the wrapped aluminum is longer.Remove the gel nailsSoak the nails in acetone one of the ways to remove gel nail polish, but it is one of the negatives of this method that it can take a long time, and soak the fingers of orcetone directly for a long time, which, which is:[4]ingredients:A large bowl.A medium bowl.Pure acetone.Charcoal).Orange stick.Vaseline.Hot water.Nail cream or nail skin to prepare:Pour warm water into a large bowl and pour acetone into a medium bowl while ensuring the water is warm,

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not hot.Place the bowl of acetone inside the warm water bowl for 3 to 5 minutes; To get a hot acetone hot and make sure to keep the acetone away from high heat; As it is considered a very flammable material.Repeat the top layer using the rough cooler.Put Vaseline on the skin surrounding the nails.Soak the nails in acetone for a period of 10 to 15 minutes, or until the paint has peeled off.Pay off the edges of the peeled paint from the nails with the orange stick, if the paint is still attached to it must be soaked for an additional period of time.Wash the hands, then apply nail cream or skin oil.Damage to synthetic nailsSome women install artificial nails for a variety of reasons, including covering up short real nails or installing them on occasions and weddings,[1] but there are damages caused by the use of these nails, including:[5]Allergic reaction to the chemicals used in the paste and removal of artificial nails.Bacterial or fungal infection, the symptoms of which begin with white or yellow spots on the nails, then the color of the nails turns green, and in the long term, it becomes a thick nail and can collapse, and the nail has these symptoms as a result of the Collision of

artificial nails with something, which separates the real nail from its butterfly (in English to nails) allowing fungi and germs to grow inside the space.The chemicals used to remove artificial nails, such as acetone, cause dryness of the natural nails and skin irritation.The cold process required by some types of artificial nails when removed causes weakness, brittleness and thinning of the natural nails.Types of artificial nailsArtificial nails have several types, including: [5]Acrylic nails: This type of nail is plastic materials placed on the nails by cold and refine the real nails until they become very rough; To be able to glue the edge of the artificial nail, and after gluing the edge, put a mixture of means of means. To create a solid shell. This type of nails requires going to beauty salons every 2-3 weeks; For the gap that arises between the skin surrounding the nails and artificial nails that arise from the growth of natural nails, and the disadvantages of acrylic nails that the chemicals cause real weakness of the nails, and if there are fungi in the nails, mainly, mainly, The use of acrylic nails increases the bad condition.Gel nails: These are artificial nails that a

re applied to the nails such as the usual nail polish and solid nails by placing the nails under the ultraviolet lamp, and this type exceeds the acrylic nails that last longer, and its negatives are to exposure to UV Rays that cause wrinkles and dark skin spots, which is more expensive.Press Nails: press nails) are artificial nails available in stores and pharmacies, and they are available in painful and ready types, and do not ask to go to beauty salons for their installation that the woman can put at home , and requires a little time compared to acrylic nails or gel, and its cost is also less. [6]the reviewerWas the article useful?

Remove the nail glue

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