Remove the smell of onions from the hands

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Remove the smell of onions from the hands – ” Contents1 Onions2 Get the smell of onions off your hands3 The importance of onions4 referencesOnionsOnions are one of the radical vegetables, whose fruit grows at the bottom of the earth and not on the legs.It is one of the oldest types of vegetables that a person has known and used, since ancient times and in various civilizations, where they used it for the treatment and hospitalization of diseases, as the pharaohs used it in embalming operations, and as part of their religious rituals when they buried the dead, where they believed that it helped the dead to breathe in the next life, in addition to Its importance as an affection for food in all the cuisines of the world, where it is consumed either as a result, or it can be consumed cooked, pickled or adding it to certain dishes in the form of powder, but Despite the distinctive taste that onions can give our food, there is a problem resulting from the processing of onions, which is the smell of strength attached to the mouth, or on the hands, so we will introduce you in this way to eliminate the smell of onions from the hands. [1]Remove the smell of onions from the handsThe reason for the strong smell of onions is due to the s

2 Remove the smell of onions from the hands

ubstances and elements it contains, which interact with each other when the fruit is divided or chewed, there are alliins and thioallly, which interact with the help of air, resulting in sulfur compounds, which releases this strong smell, and to remove the smell of onions from the hands, the following methods can be followed:[2]Rub the hands with any stainless steel bowl for a few minutes, until the sulfate interacts from the onions with the metal and the water tap can be used.Use a few drops of vinegar or lemon juice on the hands and rub them.Toothpaste or mouthwash can be used in the mouth and applied to the hands.Peel the hands with salt, sugar or even soda ash, as the hands are rubbed with a handful of what has been mentioned with a little water.Stop the hands with a few fresh mint leaves.The importance of onionsThere are many recent researches and studies that proved that there is a great importance for onions for our body, as they can be included in the following points: [3]It reduces the risk of stroke or sincere.It contains glucosine, which works to reduce blood sugar.If some onion slices are soaked with a little sugar for 24 hours, a liquid is obtained in the treatment of

3 The importance of onions

cold and cold.When you mix equal amounts of onion juice with honey, take a tablespoon of them every 3 hours, the problem of asthma will be treated.It is an appetizer and also works to alleviate digestive disorders.It is an antiseptic of the mouth from bacteria or fungus, if fresh, and also treats sinus congestion and respiratory problems.Onions play an important role in the treatment of ulcers, boils or fungi in the body.the reviewerWas the article helpful?

Remove the smell of onions from the hands

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