Remove the white lines with laser

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Remove the white lines with laser – ” Contents1 White Airlines2 reasons for the emergence of white lines3 ways to treat white lines4 referencesWhite linesThe problem of white lines is one of the most common problems that can cause inconvenience to many people who can develop it, and this problem occurs in women and men, but its incidence in women is greater, and it can be called another term, which is the term skin breakage. White lines are cracks that appear in different areas of the human body, and among the most important of these areas that can appear these cracks: the area of the legs, the area of the thighs, the abdominal area, the area of the breast and the area of the buttocks, this The condition often occurs due to the occurrence of stretching in the skin in a way surprisingly, which leads to the occurrence of crews in the skin in which this expansion has occurred. [1]Reasons for the emergence of white linesThe stretching of the skin occurs for various reasons, and this problem appears starting in the form of red lines, then this color changes after the problem exacerbates and becomes white, and this article will be explained of the main reasons that lead to the appearance of the appearance of White Lines in

2 Reasons for the emergence of white lines

the body, in addition to the most important methods of clarification to treat these lines and cracks, including the method of laser therapy, and one of the most important reasons that work on the emergence of cracks and white lines in the body: [ 2]Genetic factor: genes play a major role in the emergence of such a problem, which makes the ways to get rid of it more.Brief changes in weight: Recent studies have proven that rapid increase or decrease in weight leads to the appearance of white lines, so it is best to follow a healthy and balanced diet.Adolescence: This is due to a change in the percentage of hormones in the body at this stage.Pregnancy: This is due to the occurrence of many changes in the hormones of the body in a pregnant woman, in addition to the large size of the uterus and abdomen during pregnancy, which leads to more pressure on the outer layers and leads to more the Procedure of strait and white lines in the skin, and these lines usually appear during the month to the sixth or seventh of pregnancy, so it is best that a pregnant woman uses appropriate refreshments throughout the pregnancy, in order to avoid such a problem.Violent exercises: Among the most importa

3 Ways to treat white lines

nt exercises are weightlifting exercises, which can work to tear and crack.The nature of the skin: the incidence of these cracks increases in people with dry skin.Ways to treat white linesBefore knowing the most important methods that can be used to treat white lines, it should be noted that this problem may not disappear permanently, the success rate of its treatment may vary between 60% and 70%, and this percentage may increase depending on The method of treatment used and one of the most important methods that can be used to get rid of white lines:[3]Natural recipes and moisturizing creams: however, this method may need a long time to treat this problem, and the problem may not disappear permanently, and the most important of these recipes and creams is: cocoa butter, vitamin E, chia butter and olive oil.Laser therapy: This method is considered one of the most common methods to treat the problem of white lines, because the principle of this method depends on the stimulation of collagen and alumina in the layers of the skin, which helps to change the tissue into skin cracks , but it is its negative aspect that its cost is very high, as it is. A strong lightning, as these flashes

only affect the affected skin without completely affecting the skin layer, and this method is considered by the most successful way to treat skin cracks.Derma Roller Therapy: this is a device used to get rid of white lines, and one of its most important advantages is the ease of its use and its high effectiveness in treatment, and this method offers the user the opportunity to use it and work At home, and in a certain time, not exceeding half an hour, as this method is also characterized by its cheap price.Treatment by surgery.the reviewerWas the article useful?

Remove the white lines with laser

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