Removing blackheads with eggs

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Removing blackheads with eggs – ” Contents1 blackhead removal recipes1.1 eggs and starch1.2 Egg and lemon mask1.3 cinnamon and honey1.4 Vinegar and starch mask1.5 Methods to prevent the emergence of blackheadsRecipes for eliminating blackheadsThe problem of blackheads is one of the problems that many women face, as blackheads spread widely on the face specifically in the area of the nose and forehead, but there must be ways to reduce this problem, and in this article we will talk about Natural Recipes to eliminate blackheads with eggs and ways to prevent it.Eggs and starchingredients:One teaspoon of starch.Egg white.Half a cup of fresh lemon juice.One teaspoon of to prepare:Put an egg white in a proper, clean bowl and add the starch to half a cup of lemon and glycerin.Mix the ingredients well to get a consistent mixture that is easy to apply.Apply the mixture on the skin specifically on the areas where blackheads are distributed.Leave the mixture on the skin for a period of at least fifteen minutes.Wash the face with cold water, and this recipe is preferred daily for best results.Mask in white and lemon with eggsIngredients:A few drops of lemon juice.Egg to prepare:Mix the previous ingredie

1.1 eggs and starch

nts well to get a smooth mixture.Grease the mixture on the face circularly with your fingers.Leave the mixture on the face for not more than fifteen minutes until it dries completely.Wash the face with lukewarm water with rubbing to remove, and it is best to repeat this process twice a week to get effective results.Cinnamon and honeyIngredients:A little liquid natural honey.Two teaspoons of to prepare:Put honey in a suitable pan and put it on the fire to be heated.Add cinnamon to make a firm paste.Apply the paste on the face with a suitable brush.Leave the paste on the face for a period of at least fifteen minutes.Rinse the face with lukewarm water and then wash it with cold water to close the pores of the skin, and it is advisable to repeat this recipe twice a week to get noticeable results.Vinegar and Starch MaskIngredients1 tablespoon of starch.A few drops of to prepare:Put the starch in a large bowl.Add a few drops of vinegar to get a body like cream to facilitate its application.Apply the mixture on the face, especially on the blackheads.Leave it on the face for a third of an hour until it dries, with constant rubbing.Wash the face with cold water, and

1.2 Egg and lemon mask

this recipe is preferred twice a week for best results.Methods to prevent the emergence of blackheadsConstantly clean the skin to get rid of dust and dirt stuck in it.Avoid using cosmetic products that contain alcohol, as alcohol works to dry the skin, which would increase secretions from the sebaceous glands that spread blackheads.Eat large amounts of water per day; Because water has the ability to dissolve the fat accumulated in the body, so it is advisable to eat eight cups of water per day.Was the article helpful?

1.3 Cinnamon and Honey

Removing blackheads with eggs

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