Removing dark circles around the eye

1 removal of dark circles around the eye

Removing dark circles around the eye – ” Contents1 removal of dark circles around the eye1.1 Almond oil1.2 Option1.3 potatoes1.4 rose waterRemoving dark circles around the eyeThe area around the eye is the only part of the body that reflects the color of the blood as it is; Because it is a thin layer of leather, when the area is around the eye without its natural or usual color, it looks darker, this is considered an indication of the change in the color of the blood under this layer, and it is Full of carbon dioxide in addition to another group of toxic gases specifically, the case is what is called the result of fatigue and stress in addition to genetic causes; So here we will discuss the most important natural treatments that help get rid of dark circles around the eye, the most important of which are:Almond oilIt contains many useful substances for the skin, specifically sensitive, especially if applied regularly, the method is:Put a quantity of almond oil around the eye and gently massage the area.Leave the oil on the face for a full day without washing it off with water.Rinse and wash the face well with water and prefer to be cold.Continue applying almond oil until improvement.OptionCucumber has a set of propertie

1.1 almond oil

s that help treat the skin, brighten it and give it a glow and freshness, as it helps to recover and calm it. Method:Cut the cucumber into a set of slices and preferably thick.Put the slices in the refrigerator for up to half an hour.Take it out of the fridge, then put it on the area where the dark circles are spreading and leave it on the face for ten minutes.Wash the face with water and repeat the recipe every day twice or even more for up to a week or more.PotatoesIt contains materials that work on the natural whitening of the body and face in particular, and it also helps to relieve swelling and puffiness of the eye. Method:Cut a set of thick potato slices and place them in the refrigerator.Try to squeeze the juice out of the potato after removing it from the refrigerator.Put a cotton ball in the resulting juice until it is completely wet.Wipe the area around the eye with the cotton ball, keeping in mind that the eyes are closed.Leave the face without rinsing or washing for a period ranging from ten to fifteen minutes.Finally, wash the face well with water, preferably cold, knowing that the slices of potatoes of themselves can be placed instead of their modernity.Rose waterIt i

1.2 option

s considered one of the best natures that help treat many skin problems; Because it has properties that help calm them. Method:Bring a cotton ball and dip it in rose water.Wipe around the eye with it and leave it on the eyelids to keep it closed for fifteen minutes.Continue this recipe every day twice and for several weeks until the dark circles disappear.Was the article useful?

1.3 Potatoes

Removing dark circles around the eye

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