Removing dark circles under the eye

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Removing dark circles under the eye – ” Contents1 Dark circles2 How to eliminate dark circles under the eyesDark circlesDark circles are a problem that many people face as a result of several factors and reasons, and they are a circle or black spots under and around the eyes, and it is often a source of inconvenience because of the view of exhaustion and fatigue that it brings to the injured, so many people resort to cosmetics and different preparations to get rid of them, but these solutions are often temporary and not permanent, so the person must seek permanent and appropriate solutions to get rid of these auras permanently.How to eliminate dark circles under the eyesDetermine the causesGet enough hours of sleep: lack of sleep and rest leads to the appearance of dark circles, and transforms the color of the skin towards the pale, and there is no scientific explanation for this so far, but what is known is that the person must Sleep for a sufficient period of time to get a beautiful and healthy skin, and all makeup must be removed the eyes before going to bed at night, and if you do not do this, the eyes will become stressed and more tiring over time and progress in age.The person must determine the number of hours o

2 How to remove dark circles under the eyes

f sleep he needs at night (which is often seven to nine hours) and may differ from person to person, and for a delicious sleep, you should avoid drinking drinks containing loot such as Coffee, Nescafe and others.Sensitivity: allergy is a common cause of circles and darkness under the eyes, and if sensitivity is the problem, its treatment will help to get rid of it, and seasonal sensitivity problems such as hay fever can be treated effectively with more than one prescription.Treatment of nasal congestion: severe congestion is known to lead to black and swollen area around the eyes.Eat well: following a healthy and balanced diet, eating important vitamins and drinking plenty of water, because various skin problems are due to the lack of these issues, and the blacks around the eyes are due to a lack of vitamin K the body.Avoid and quit smoking: smoking can lead to problems in the blood vessels, which makes them look lighter and off.Natural remediesUsing cucumber slices: this is one of the methods used for many years to reduce puffiness and darkness around the eyes, by applying a cucumber slice to each eye and focusing on the dark areas, and continuing to do so daily and leaving the sl

ices for at least 10 minutes.Put tea bags or cold bandages on the eyes: tea contains a substance that reduces bloating and blacks under the eyes, and it is best to use this method early in the morning by placing these bags or bandages on each eye for at least 10 minutes , and it can be saved in the refrigerator until it is cooled to give the best and fastest effect.Use a saline solution to treat nasal congestion: by adding a quarter tablespoon of salt with two cups of water, putting the solution in an empty driver and putting a few drops of the solution in the nose to help reduce congestion.Was the article helpful?

Removing dark circles under the eye

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