Removing dark circles under the eyes

1 dark circles under the eyes

Removing dark circles under the eyes – ” Contents1 dark circles under the eyes2 causes of dark circles under the eyes3 ways to eliminate dark circles4 referencesDark circles under the eyesDark circles under the eyes are among the problems that affect a large group of people; Where it appears in the form of a black surrounding the eye; This is the result of the unoxidized blood effusions through the veins and its collection in the area under the eyes, knowing that the skin found under the eyes is a thin skin rich in capillaries; Therefore, it is considered as a mirror of the body’s health, and any changes in the body, whether organic or psychological, will appear in the form of dark circles in this area. Dark circles are considered one of the things that reduce the beauty of the skin, and this suggests that the person is sick or exhausted, and people with whom people consider it an anxious problem, and it should be noted that people with light skin is the most vulnerable to the appearance of dark circles of dark people. [1]Causes of dark circles under the eyesCauses of dark circles under the eyes: [2]Genetic causes: where dark circles are naturally found in some families as part of their skin formation.Lack of sleep hour

2 causes of dark circles under the eyes

s: The evening is one of the main causes of the appearance of dark circles.Anemia or anemia: This condition occurs mainly as a result of iron deficiency.Exposure to extreme fatigue and exhaustion.The presence of an organic problem in the body, such as kidney disease.The body is exposed to dehydration due to lack of drinking water.Great psychological and nervous tension.Age: The more age there is, the greater the risk of its dark circles.The body is allergic: sometimes the appearance of dark circles is due to an allergy.Take certain types of drugs and medicines, or use cosmetics and medical preparations on the skin.Methods to eliminate dark circlesTo eliminate dark circles, several steps should be taken, namely:[3]Get rid of the cause that led to its appearance, such as get away from staying late, sleep for at least eight hours a day, after a balanced diet that contains nutrients that strengthen the blood and protect it from anemia, drink at least two pets , and get rid of allergies, and not to use cosmetics seriously manufactured, away from fatigue and extreme exhaustion, avoid anxiety and psychological tension, and reviewing the specialized doctor to make sure there is no organic

3 ways to remove dark circles

cause.Apply recipes that eliminate these auras naturally, without side effects, and the most important recipes for eliminating dark circles under the eyes and the recipe of honey and milk; When two similar amounts of honey and milk are mixed to form a homogeneous mixture, then placed on dark circles twice a day to eliminate them completely.Eliminate dark circles by treating a laser dermatologist, which removes dead cells, and stimulates cell growth again, through the process of chemical peeling.Using sunscreen permanently and regularly, and wearing sunglasses that protect the area around the eyes from the incendiary sunlight.the reviewerWas the article helpful?

Removing dark circles under the eyes

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