Removing the olive from the face and nose

1 Ways to remove Al -Ziwan

Removing the olive from the face and nose – “Contents1 ways to remove al -ziwan1.1 cotton ball1.2 Use the brush and toothpaste1.3 lemon juice1.4 Honey1.5 eggs1.6 Candid milkWays to remove ziwanThe Ziwan or “blackheads” is one of the problems that many people suffer, especially women; being aspired to the most precise details on their faces with the aim of appearing with the smoothest appearance and skin, so they are the most sought after recipes and methods they can follow to get rid of blackheads, and we offer some of them in this Article to those interested in this matter.Cotton ballInitially, you need to use any simple scrub to get rid of the dead cells on your face, then use a dry towel to stay on your face for a while, then use hot compresses on your face for a period ranging from ten to fifteen minutes To soften the blackheads and make it easier for you to remove them, to come back again to stay on your face.Apply on the tip of each lumbar ball to avoid slipping which can cause the injury of your skin, then press evenly on both sides of the “black heads” by pressing down and then up the area surrounding the piece with the olive.Using the brush and toothpastePut a small amount of putty on a clean toothbrush, then wet th

1.1 Cotton Ball

e brush and the area with blackheads.Scrub the affected area of the brush for a short time, but gently, and make sure the paste does not get near your eyes to avoid irritation.Consider sterilizing the toothbrush with boiling water after immediate use.Repeat this day daily until you get the desired result.LemonadeMix almond oil and glycerin with lemon juice, put this mixture on your face and you will notice a good result of disappearance of blackheads as well as dark spots on your face.HoneyUse honey mask to eliminate blackheads; And it is by heating a small amount of honey, putting it on the affected area and washing it after ten to fifteen minutes.the egg whiteTake an egg and separate its albumen from its yolk, then whip the albumen alone and spread it on your face with your fingers, put a tissue on the black area and wait for some time, and this may require you for a time of thirty minutes or more, until you notice that the tissue has become rough.Cleansing milkPut your face, the cleaned milk, then rub it gently on your skin for five minutes, and it is desirable to follow this method in the period that leads directly to your sleep, then put Vaseline on the area affected by the bl

1.2 Use brush and toothpaste

ackhead of your contemporary, and after finishing, wash your face with cold water.Was the article useful?

1.3 Lemon juice

Removing the olive from the face and nose

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