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Search for body hygiene – “Contents1 body hygiene1.1 purpose1.2 meaning1.3 routesPersonal hygieneOur true religion exhorted us to take care of personal hygiene, and hygiene is associated with faith, so it must be resolved, so that a person gains in good and reward, and the person of personal hygiene becomes a high confidence to self-confidence and a sense of comfort and contentment, and allows him to succeed in establishing relationships with others; Because it is one of the desirable people to sit down and talk to them, and avoid their alienation due to his lack of interest in his personal hygiene, and personal hygiene is the effective way to resist the body of viruses and bacteria, which makes him vulnerable to many diseases.TargetThe nature of the formation of human skin is based on the secretion of gum material called (sibom), and this material is secreted through the glands contained in the skin, and the basic function of this substance is to form a layer of membrane in order To protect and strengthen the skin from exposure to germs and microbes, but this membrane leads to a layer of germs is on the surface of it, and often leads to many diseases, and these germs are concentrated in the area of The han

1.1 Goal

ds, nose, mouth and other areas, and the main objective of personal hygiene of the body is to get rid of the surface layer constituting the membrane, considering that the membrane under this layer, because of its importance in protecting the skin from germs.meansThe hygiene of the body requires the use of many means, to achieve the required hygiene:One of the most important ingredients of body hygiene is water, so hygiene can not be obtained without using clean water and free of any type of germs and microbes, and this water is not mandatory that the water is suitable for human consumption, and this water must be warm and hot, in order to clean in the correct form.Soap should be used when performing any body cleaning process; Because this leads to get rid of germs trapped in any part of the body, taking into account the use of soap suitable for the human body, in order to avoid infection by any type of allergy.RoutesAll parts of the body must be cleaned without exception, and from these parts the following:Attention and take care of hygiene and hair, continuously cleaning the hair, and with soap, water or shampoo for it, massaging it and rubbing it gently and lightly, and comb the

1.2 Means

hair daily, in order to get vitality and healthy hair.Take care of oral and dental hygiene, by human use of brush and putty after eating each meal, and the paste should be suitable for the quality of teeth and contains the necessary fluoride to protect the teeth, and cleanliness of teeth is Important to get rid of unpleasant odors, which leads to the aversion of people from it the person and reluctance to talk to him.Everyone must clean their ears, eyes and nose; Because it is considered one of the most sensitive parts of the body, so it must be cleaned and washed daily wounded anything that contains germs.Was the article useful?

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