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Secrets of the nail gravity – ” Contents1 nails2 tips for attractive nails3 ways to make nails attractive4 referencesNailsNails need care like hair and skin, to become beautiful and healthy, and the belief that nail polish is what makes nails shiny and beautiful, is a bad belief, but on the contrary, nail polish hurts the nails and damage them, because it contains many chemicals, because it prevents oxygen. On the nails, so the article will mention the secrets of attractive and universal nails without the need for chemicals. [1]Tips for attractive nailsThere are several tips that can be followed for beautiful nails, including:[2]Keeping nails dry and cleanWet and damp nails can be infected with fungi, so the nails should be dried, in addition to maintaining their cleanliness, so that dirt does not accumulate in their gaps, wash hands regularly before eating, and directly when dirty hands, and dry them Eh well after that,[2] and it is best to use a brush. Nails to clean them and get rid of dirt.Rest a period of nail polishNails should receive a break from nail polish from time to time; Because it causes fatigue, dehydration, stains, weakening, choosing the high quality nail polish, free of sulfonamide, formaldeh

2 tips for attractive nails

yde and toloin. [2]MoisturizerNails need moisturizer like the skin completely, so the moisturizer should be applied; because it nourishes it, prevents fungus and avoids dehydration and cracking. [2]Dietary BiotinIt is advisable to follow a diet rich in vitamin B or what is known (biotin), and the doctor can be consulted on the consumption of biotin, which is vitamin B as a dietary supplement, and is one of the best solutions to weak and brittle nails, where it can restore health to the nails within eight months. [2]Stop biting the nailsBiting nails is a habit that some people do when feeling tension, boredom or frustration, and this habit must be stopped, as it causes ulceration and exfoliation of the skin surrounding the nail, causing diseases. [2]Do not cut the skin surrounding the nailThe skin surrounding the nail, its function is to protect the body from infection, and it should not be cut, and it only pushes it down, using the orange stick and massage it with moisture to keep its strength. [2]Wear glovesNails are affected by the materials that affect the hands, including water, so it is advisable to wear gloves when washing the plate; To keep the nails strong and healthy. [2]N

3 Ways to make nails attractive

ot late in the treatment of infectionInfection can be infected in the nails, especially the toenails, moisture and perspiration, so it is advisable to treat the infection immediately when a note that changes in the color of the nail, its dryness or weakness. [2]Do not use the UV dryerYou should stop using this type of dryers; Because it causes dances, dryness wins and replaces it with light. [2]Good nutritionNails need protein and vitamins; To maintain its strength and health, including: vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, biotin, vitamin B12, vitamin B9. [2], calcium, iron and some nutritious foods can be consumed to obtain these elements, such as fresh vegetables , broken and broken vegetables and whole grains. [1]drink waterDrinking water maintains the moisture of the body, and just as water is important for the hair, skin and body, it is important for the nails, so it is advisable to drink water in batches throughout the day and in sufficient quantity.cut the nailsIt is recommended to cut the nails without excessive carelessness; Because it hurts the skin and do not lengthen it, so it hinders the daily tasks. [2]NailIt is advisable to replace the rough side Start from the outer si

de to the vicious, which gives the nails a bright and soft appearance. [2]Choose the right nail polish removerAcetone nail polish remover causes long-term dryness of the nails, which leads to their breakage, so it is advisable to choose deodorants that contain substances less powerful than acetone, such as isopropyl alcohol, ethyl and propylene carbonate. [2]protectionIt is recommended to use a transparent coating, or base (English: base coat) before applying nail polish; to protect it from the toxic substances it contains, which makes the nail is fragile. [2]Do not use nails to perform certain tasksThe nails are not a tool that can be used in abrasion or removal; Because this weakens it and leads to its fibers. [2]Ways to make the nails attractiveThese are natural ways to get attractive and shiny nails, without resorting to nail polish, including: [1]VaselineVaseline is one of the easiest ways to get attractive nails, massaging the nails using it after every time the hands are washed, and before sleeping. [1]Soaking nails with a house – SoakingSoaked nails can be made using ingredients in the kitchen to get attractive nails, including:[1]Olive oilOlive oil treats brittle and damag

ed nails, and its method is:[1]ingredients:Olive oil.A bowl or basin.How to prepare:The bowl is used for hand nails, and if it is used for toenails, the basin is used.Heat the olive oil until it gets hot, not warm, so as not to cause burns.Pour into the bowl or basin and soak the nails for two minutes.The hand leaves it and the cotton gloves are worn, for an hour or overnight.Wash hands with water and apply to hands and nails.MilkMilk contains the beneficial nutrients of the nails, and its method is: [1]ingredients:Hot milk.Container.How to prepare:The bowl is filled with hot milk.The nails are soaked for a few minutes.The hands are then washed and a moisturizer is applied to the nails.Rose water and avocadoThis method is a key to get attractive and shiny nails, using it regularly; Because it is nutritious, the nails are treated from brittleness and dull appearance, and the way is:[1]ingredients:Rose to prepare:Avocado mash and mix with rose water.Nails are located in the mixture.the reviewerWas the article useful?

Secrets of the nail gravity

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