Sensitive skin and how to take care of it

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Sensitive skin and how to take care of it – ” Contents1 sensitive skin2 sensitive skin problems3 sensitive skin care methods4 referencesSensitiveThe skin is a mirror of beauty, which is one of the most sensitive parts of the incendiary sun, and severe cold, are all factors that show the effect on the skin. [1]Sensitive skin problemsSkin resistance to internal and external factors varies according to the type of skin. Sensitive skin is the most affected skin types, and most vulnerable to allergies, irritation, itching, exposure to changes resulting from the use of cosmetics and taking medication, so sensitive skin requires special care and a different way in the treatment of other types of skin rest, so sensitive skin needs a special method of feeding, a different method of cleaning and additional cleaning preparations, moisturizing and beautifying, in order to appear at its Best, and are not exposed to dehydration and irritation. [2]Sensitive Skin Care MethodsSensitive skin care methods:[3]Handle it gently: sensitive skin is more affected in a way to treat more than others, so it should be washed in a pleasant way, avoid rubbing and massaging it hard, without practicing some of what the skin needs in a rough way, such as wax

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ing, exfoliation and the use of masks that cause skin irritation, and not to use a rough towel, or the types of alkaline justice that cause irritation, clean it with a cotton ball or a soft cloth.Choose sensitive skin care products with great care: appropriate products for sensitive skin can be identified, using a dermatologist or skin care experts, and ensure that the products used for sensitive skin care are free of alcohol, acids, urea and ammonia, which consists of a high level of acid, as well as one that contains Barbin, and the use of 100% natural rituals, such as bay soap, olive oil soap, and make sure to try any product on a small patch of skin, before using it widely.Natural exfoliation: Using natural exfoliants, without chemical additives, is one of the sensible ways of skin care, taking care not to use deep exfoliation and only surface exfoliation.Drink enough water: water is the best way to take care of sensitive skin, as it moisturizes it, gives it freshness and vitality and makes it super soft.Avoid using manufactured perfumes: because manufactured perfumes contain a high percentage of alcohol, in addition to causing skin irritation, small blisters on their surface a

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nd strong itching, so artificial perfumes should be replaced with natural ones, such as lavender and jasmine perfume .Avoid using blends: blends cause increased dryness and irritation, especially blends that contain bleaching materials, which leads to damage of sensitive skin cells.The use of sunscreen: sensitive skin is the most affected skin from the sun, so a high level sunscreen should be used to protect sensitive skin from UV effects.the reviewerWas the article useful?

Sensitive skin and how to take care of it

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