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Signs of body dryness – “Contents1 dehydration1.1 Signs and symptoms of dry body1.2 Methods of preventing dryness1.3 Treatment of dehydration methodsDrynessThe human body consists of water with the equivalent of three quarters of its mass, as it enters the composition of cells and helps it to do its work normally, but when the percentage of water loss increases in relation to the percentage of what a person processes, it suffers from dehydration or SO dehydration, and dehydration is accompanied by a loss of certain salts, which leads to a loss, the balance of blood ingredients is abnormally. Dryness is not a disease in itself, but rather a condition that appears due to the lack of water in the body. A person can know his dehydration through several signs and symptoms that appear to him, we will mention in this article.Signs and symptoms of dry bodyThe symptoms and signs that can appear on the body vary due to dehydration, as they can be simple in some cases, and can become serious in other cases that threaten the life of a person and the signs that can appear:The sensation of headaches, as the body when dehydrated, the chemical composition of the blood varies due to the different concentration of salts, t

1.1 signs and symptoms of dry body

he most important of which is sodium and potassium, and therefore the brain becomes more sensitive and drier increases, less blood volume and less oxygen connected to the brain, which causes the stretching of blood vessels and the increased sensation of headaches.The color of the urine changed to dark or dark, because it results from the concentration of urine due to the accumulation of waste and toxins due to the lack of abundant amounts of fluid.Constipation, because the availability of fluid increases the movement of waste during the colon and intestine and then get rid of it outside, but when fluids are lacking, this waste is unable to move easily and the person suffers from constipation.Sensation of extreme thirst and dry mouth.Feeling of fatigue, tiredness, general weakness and a tendency to sleep.Lack of diuresis.Low blood pressure and a feeling of heart palpitations.High body temperature.Methods to prevent drynessDrink enough water during the day and increase it when you feel free or exercise.Eat vegetables and fruits continuously because it contains a large percentage of water.Reduce the assumption that causes water loss by increasing diuresis.Methods of treatment of dryne

1.2 Drought prevention methods

ssTreat the causes of dryness, such as: diarrhea or intestinal congestion.Drink sweet liquids to bring back the fluid ratio in the body gradually, and fluids can be used in advanced cases.Drinking water slowly and in doses for long periods of time, as drinking water in large quantities suddenly worsens symptoms due to imbalances that affect the bloodstream.Reduce body temperature if it is high by relieving clothing and eating antipyretics prescribed by the doctor.Was the article helpful?

1.3 Treating dehydration methods

Signs of body dryness

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