Simple ways to lighten the skin

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Simple ways to lighten the skin – ” Contents1 skin lightening2 ways to lighten the skin3 referencesSkin whiteningAll women want a clear and fair skin, due to excessive exposure to the sun, environmental pollution, tension and the use of cosmetics that contain chemicals and other effects, the skin becomes pale and dark, and the skin can be lightened through simple ways that we will mention in this article. [1]Methods of skin lighteningPoisoning toxinsThe body’s exhausting toxins guarantee to get clear, clear and flawless skin by periodically drinking the toxins in regular periods, such as drinking lemon mixture, honey and lukewarm water on an empty stomach.Skin Care RoutineThe skin care routine includes several procedures, including:Keeping the skin free of pollutants and germs, brightening and improving its freshness, and the daily skin care routine is cleaning, using the toner and moisturizing. This is through:Using skin care products suitable for the skin type.Exfoliating the skin at least twice a week.Use sunscreen before leaving the house and exposure to the sun.Use home remedies and anti-tan masks.Remove darkeningWhitening treatments offered by beauty salons clean the skin, improve the color, remove the tan, a

2 ways to lighten the skin

nd this can be repeated once every three months. In addition, effective home facial masks can also be made; To remove the tan resulting from sun exposure and skin lightening, and one of the best ingredients of lemon, milk, cream, good milk, cucumber and tomatoes, and a home flash mask can be made in the following manner, namely:ingredients:Chickpea flour.Milk.A pinch of turmeric.How to prepare:Mix the ingredients together to make a paste.Put the paste on the face and let it dry.The mask is peeled off the face to remove it.Creams to remove blemishes and spotsThe skin suffers from pigmentation due to spots and young love, and face masks and creams are used to get rid of spots and blemishes; Where the creams agreed are used by leather doctors if the skin has suffered from severe acne and thus get a clear and clear skin in a few days.LifestyleHealthy skin can be achieved by making changes in lifestyle that is effectively reflected in the skin color, including the following:A healthy diet that contains fruits, vegetables and fat-free meat and avoiding processed foods and fast food.Drinking plenty of water.Exercise to keep skin healthy and fresh; because it relieves the body of toxicity

by sweating.Remove makeup before sleeping; Because it blocks the pores of the skin and causes wrinkles.Lighting masks at homeOne of the most important reasons for using skin lighting treatments is to relieve the signs of aging, dark spots and the effects of young love, and change the color of the skin, and some women resort to the use of makeup to cover these defects temporarily, But it is possible to use lighting masks to permanently brighten the skin, including some venues:Yogurt: The client mask is used to brighten and exfoliate the skin; Where it removes dead skin, moisturizes the skin, kills bacteria, and its method is:ingredients:1 tablespoon of regular organic yogurt.Half a tablespoon of raw honey.Half a lemon juice.1 tablespoon of oats.How to prepare:The above ingredients are mixed together.A thick layer of mask is applied after cleansing the face.Leave the mask on the face for 20 minutes.Gently massage the face using circular motions.This mask is repeated once a week.Aloe Vera: Aloe vera gel is extracted from the leaves of aloe vera and is characterized by its ability to lighten the skin and heal hyperpigmentation in the skin, in addition to that which helps to replenish s

kin cells, thus lightening dark spots, skin Tone changes, and the method is:Ingredients: fresh aloe vera gel.How to prepare:Aloe vera gel is placed in the refrigerator before use until it becomes cold (optional).The cold aloe vera gel is placed on the skin for 30-45 minutes.This mask is repeated twice a week.Turmeric: turmeric mask is effective in brightening the skin, and the result of its use appears on the skin within a few weeks of its regular use, and its method is:ingredients:Half a cup of regular Zubadi.1 tablespoon of turmeric.Two tablespoons of fresh orange to prepare:The ingredients are mixed together.Peel off the face before applying the turmeric mask on it.Place the mask on the face and neck and leave for an hour before washing it off.The mask is repeated once a week.Almonds: This mask helps to brighten the complexion; The weight is rich in necessary vitamins and nutrients of the skin, and its method is:ingredients:Half a cup of raw almonds.A little whole to prepare:Grind the almonds to a soft powder, but it shouldn’t be very soft.Slowly add the milk to the almond powder to make a thick paste.The mask is placed on the face and left for 30-60 minutes,

overnight to treat spots, after which the skin is washed.This mask is used from day to day.Lemon: Lemon juice is one of the natural ingredients that open the skin, and a toner can be made to lighten the skin, taking into account not to use it on sensitive skin, and its method is:ingredients:Half a cup of fresh lemon juice.A quarter cup of warm to prepare:Mix the ingredients together and the mixture is placed in a spray bottle.Sprinkle the mixture on the skin before sleeping.The skin is washed with cold water in the morning.Honey: Honey helps to brighten and moisturize the skin; As uneven skin can be caused by its dryness, as honey has antimicrobial properties that can help get rid of acne scars and signs of aging, and it can be used in this way:[1]ingredients:One teaspoon of honey.One teaspoon of lemon juice.One tablespoon of dry milk.Half a teaspoon of almond oil.How to prepare:Mix the ingredients well.Gently put the mixture on the face.Leave the mixture on the face for 10-15 minutes, then wash it off cold.This method is repeated once a daythe reviewerWas the article useful?

Simple ways to lighten the skin

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