Skin bitter almond oil recipes

1 Treatment of skin stretching

Skin bitter almond oil recipes – ” Contents1 Treatment of skin stretching2 Itching and muscle spasms3 Reduce dark circles4 Medical warning to use almond oil5 ReferencesTreatment of skin expansionOne of the studies published in 2012 showed that bitter almond oil is effective in getting rid of the signs of skin stretching that occur during pregnancy, and the study was conducted on one hundred and forty women, they were divided into groups, the The first group used bitter almond oil with a topical on the skin without massage, the second section was used by applying it with massage to the surface of the skin, and the third section of monitoring, and the results were different. The stretch marks were 20% in women who used bitter almond oil with continuous massage, while the stretch marks were afraid of 38.8% in women who used bitter almond oil with a fat just without massage, and the result of the last group was the monitoring that the Stretch marks were 41%, and despite the results of this study, bitter almond oil still needs studies and research to prove its actions because it contains toxic and dangerous ingredients for use, especially during pregnancy. [1.]]Treat itching and muscle spasmsBitter almond oil is extrac

2 Itching and muscle spasms

ted from the kernel of almonds, and it can be extracted from the kernel of some fruits, such as apricots, plums and peaches, and it has several uses, treating itchy skin, relieving spasms and has an effective cough, But it is considered toxic oils if used improperly and it needs more studies and research to prove its effectiveness in various medical treatments; Because it contains hydrosyanic acid, which is considered as one of the toxic chemical components that can have serious secondary complications, and when consuming oral gospel oil, it can cause serious symptoms such as weakening of the nervous system and some problems in the lung and breathing, and in some cases, it can lead to death, and its use during the period of pregnancy and breastfeeding is not safe. [2]Reduce dark circlesBitter almond oil reduces the formation of dark circles around the circumference of the eyes, by activating blood circulation, it can be applied to the skin, treating continuity in its use to achieve the desired result, used as the following: [3]ingredientsCold water.A few drops of almond oil.MethodIt cleanses the skin, washes with a suitable wash, rinses well.A few dots of almond oil are placed in t

3 Reducing dark circles

he palm of the hand, and a little is applied to the area around the eyes, with its distribution and massage in circular movements.The almond oil is left on the skin overnight, and it is washed off in the morning with cold water,Medical warning for using almond oilIt is advisable to be cautious of the use of bitter almond oil, because it is a toxic oil and soothing to the body, and it can cause drowsiness, and it can work orally with a sedative drug intake for severe drowsiness, and painkillers orally interact with bitter almond oil and slow down the functioning of the nervous system. [4] because it is best to leave it up to two weeks for people who want to perform surgery, to avoid its interaction with drugs and to avoid its effect on the nervous system. [5]the reviewerWas the article useful?

4 Medical Warning to use almond oil

Skin bitter almond oil recipes

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