Skin care and whitening

1 skin care and whitening

Skin care and whitening – ” Contents1 skin care and bleaching2 skin care tips3 skin whitening4 referencesSkin care and bleachingThe skin is considered the largest member of the human body, but does not enter into the routine of many people’s lives, and the importance of skin care comes from the importance of the skin to the body; It protects the internal organs from external factors, as it maintains a moderate body temperature; Where you keep it cold in the summer, warm in the winter, and prevent the entry of contaminated objects, and it is best to take care of the skin by following a routine to take care of it, knowing that it is possible to Get a skin that opens up and is brighter by introducing bleaching recipes for the routine of taking care of it, or get medical advice, and follow a way of chemicals for this, and in this article is a memory of skin care and bleaching. [ 1]Skin Care TipsSkin care for the principles and steps that must be followed; To get a healthy and fresh skin, and although some tips are to that: [2] [1] [3]Drink enough water; Where the body needs 8 cups of water per day; To have enough and maintain the freshness of the skin, the results of drinking water appear in the long run.Follow

2 skin care tips

a routine for skin care, and this routine should include three steps; The first cleaning, then peel and moisturize.Peel the skin weekly, and there are many home recipes for skin exfoliation; Including the sugar recipe with any type of oil available.Follow a healthy diet, it is necessary to pay attention to the food of the individual. To get the necessary elements of body and skin health, such as: vitamin C, known as antioxidant, which is important to increase immunity and radiance of the body.Eat vegetables, fruits, such as: Kiwi, Orange, Berries, Papaya, Strawberries and Sweet potatoes; It contains a large percentage of vitamin C and other foodstuffs.Eat healthy fats from its natural sources, such as: avocado, and broken. I have the necessary substances for the body and skin.Drink natural juices; It contains many vitamins and nutrients.Use skin care masks ready to use or prepared at home; The use of masks for other products is distinguished by penetrating the skin; To give them full benefits, such as: deep moisturizing, clean the skin of dead skin cells.Beware of the change of the skin with the seasons; Where the skin is usually erased drier in winter, and sound in summer; Theref

3 skin whitening

ore, it is better to change the types of moisture between seasons from a creamy, rich moisturizer in winter, to a light hydrolysis in summer.Protect the skin from sunlight, especially ultraviolet rays, with a sunscreen.The use of natural oils on the skin, and although the applications of oils are not preferred by many, they have several benefits, such as: repair the skin and protect it from weather factors; To improve dry and peeling skin, it is best to use it at night, or mix it with the night moisturizer.Skin WhiteningMedical Style Skin WhiteningMedical whitening preparations help to reduce the skin dye called (melanin), and these preparations are used to treat skin dye problems, such as: freckles, dark spots and acne effects, and while mentioning the substances of chemical skin whitening: 4: 4: 4]Hydroquinone: Hydroquinone can get skin lightening creams that contain hydroquinone with a concentration of 2% of drugstores without a medical prescription, and creams can be described with 4% concentrations, and 6% by leather pathologist, although the use of hydroquinone to whiten the skin effective and gives guaranteed results, but its use without the pharmacological prescription carr

ies certain side effects, such as: permanent pigmentation of the skin.Retinoic acid is the active material in vitamin A and can be taken in tablet form.Natural way to whiten the skinMany home recipes can be used to whiten the skin, but it is necessary to alert that natural whitening methods are able to lighten the skin by two degrees, not more, including: [5]Lemon juice recipe: Lemon is known in the past with its multiple benefits of the skin; Where the acid in lemon helps to peel, renew the darkened outer skin cells and accelerate the appearance of lighter skin cells, but lemon juice must be diluted with water before using it on the skin; For this can cause sensitivity, irritation and the way:ingredients:A quantity of lemon juice.A quantity of water.A piece of to prepare:Reduce the lemon juice with water; To form a solution.The piece of cotton is soaked in the solution, then distributed on the skin.Right the solution on the skin for 15 minutes, then wash off with warm water.Honey and yogurt recipe: The benefits of yogurt for the skin are given by the enzymes capable of whitening the skin, while honey contains hydrogenated and antibacterial properties, and a mask can be

prepared for these two components as follows:ingredients:A quantity of natural honey.A quantity of untasted to prepare:Mix honey with yogurt to form a mixture.The mixture is placed on the skin and left for 15 minutes.The skin is washed with warm water, dried.Note: Honey can be replaced by a spoonful of mashed avocado or natural aloe vera gel; For they contain skin moisturizing properties.Hamas Recipe:ingredients:A quarter cup of soft berry powder.An appropriate amount of lemon juice or milk.How to prepare:Add an appropriate amount of lemon juice to a quarter cup of beehophyus to form a paste.Putting is distributed on clean skin and leaves for 15 minutes.Wash the face with warm water and dry.the reviewerWas the article useful?

Skin care and whitening

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