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Skin care mixes – ” Contents1 skin care2 skin care mixtures3 skin care tips4 referencesSkin CareMost women are looking to get a skin that is always sparkling and shiny, skin without skin constantly attracts attention, and it must be taken care of using all possible means to appear distinctly, and the use of many creams and cosmetics ready to use or that are made at home, and all the appropriate solutions must be found if there are sermons on the face in the appropriate way. In this article, some mixtures that can be prepared in skin care will be mentioned, and we will also mention the most important tips that must be followed for a perfect skin. [1]Skin care mixturesHoney and brown sugarThis recipe depends on the use of honey and brown sugar, and these two components help to get rid of dark spots on the face, and this method can be used by following the following steps: [2]ingredients:1 tablespoon of honey.1 tablespoon of brown sugar.How to prepare and use:The ingredients are mixed well with each other, the mixture is placed in a glass box and closed firmly and kept at room temperature.The face is washed before applying the mask well, then put some of the mixture on the wet face and massage the face

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with gentle and slow circular movements.Wash the face with warm water, then dry well.Castor oil, jojoba and vine oilThis mixture contains many oils that combine together, to remove and treat acne, and to cleanse the skin, and it can be used on the face by following these steps: [2]ingredients:A quarter cup of primary castor oil.A quarter cup of jojoba oil.Half a cup of grape oil.Fifteen points of tea tree oil.How to prepare and use:Mix the ingredients well and keep well in a glass box.Put a small mixture well on the face and massage well for a full minute.Wet a piece of cloth with warm water and put the face until it cools down.The process is repeated several times.Wipe the oil from the face with a clean, dry towel.YogurtThis method depends on the use of yogurt, which contains lactic acid, which whitens the skin, as it significantly nourishes the skin, and it can be used on the face by following these steps: [1]Ingredients: a quantity of yogurt.How to prepare and use:A quantity of milk is placed directly on the face.Massage the face well, then leave it for several minutes.The face is washed with warm water.This process is repeated daily for several weeks for a fresh and shiny skin

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.Rose water, glycerin and lemonThis recipe mainly depends on the use of rose water which revives the skin and preserves its freshness, as it protects it from any skin problems, such as eczema and acne, and reduces redness, irritation and other problems, in addition to that, it shrinks the The pores and maintains the pH balance in the skin, and rose water can be used to preserve the beauty and take care of the skin in many ways, including mixing it with glycerin, and this recipe can be used by following the steps below: [ 3]ingredients:A quantity of rose water.One amount of glycerin.Two large spoons of lemon juice.How to prepare and use:Mix all ingredients well in a bowl.The mixture is placed on the skin before going to sleep to moisturize and protect it from dryness and itching.Skin care tipsThere are many tips that should be followed for skin care, represented by the following: [4]Wash the face, because it is one of the most important skin care to protect it from acne and prevent its appearance, and to get a skin free of oils and sebum, wash at least twice a day, morning and evening, and it is best to use a face cleanser suitable for the skin type, followed by a good face toner, a

nd must moisturize it, and if there is makeup on the face, it must be removed and then wash the face well.Not exposure to the sun for a long time, especially at noon, because it is the most powerful and harmful, and the use of a good type of sunscreen, to protect the skin tissue.Hit the face constantly using high-quality moisturizers, and the use of moisturizer depends on the weather, because the heavier moisturizer is a formation placed in winter, and lighter in summer, and the internal moisture of the body should be preserved by drinking enough water, that is, what are the eight cups approximately cups, to get a shiny, glistening and younger skin.Make sure you get enough rest, that is, about 7 to 9 hours a night, this makes the skin shiny, protects from the formation of bloating and dark circles around the eyes and helps to get a fresh and healthy skin.Exfoliation of the face at least once a week, to remove dead cells, using many peeling tools and products, whether it is to peel with a rubbing, with a sponge or other tools, and a good moisturizer should be used after the peeling process to get fresh and bright skin.Commitment to exercise and sports activities, as these exercises

improve blood circulation in the body and increase blood flow in the vessels, and exercise increases the percentage of cells getting the oxygen needed to nourish them, in addition to this sport relieves stress and anxiety caused by stress and psychological pressures which in turn affect on the skin of the skin.Following a healthy integrated system that contains all the elements necessary to maintain the skin tissue from damage, such as eating fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins and minerals, and that they contain many useful antioxidants, and foods rich in omega 3 should be eaten, such As eating fish, because these elements protect the skin from damage to the burning sun and improves the elasticity of its tissues, in addition to eating a little chocolate panels because it moisturizes the skin and delays the signs of aging.Shower constantly using warm water and light soap, and the skin should be moistened with natural moisturizers such as oils, such as almond oil, coconut oil or olive oil, or using moisturizers that contain sunscreen, which in turn protect the skin and make it younger.the reviewerWas the article helpful?

Skin care mixes

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