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Skin care steps – “Contents1 skin care2 steps to skin care3 instructions for oily skin care4 instructions for dry and sensitive skin care5 referencesSkin CareYoung and healthy skin naturally looks more beautiful than skin that matches in makeup, and to preserve the beauty and youthfulness of the skin longer, taking care of the skin and some women may be confused about how to skin care; Due to the large number of skin care products available in the markets and different skin types, the steps of correct skin care require knowledge of the skin type, and through this, a special and special skin care routine can be built, [1] [2] And we will present in this article the basic steps for skin care and ways to take proper care for various types of skin.Steps of skin careThe skin can be taken care of by following these steps:Makeup removal: Makeup should be removed before bedtime with makeup remover, and do not rely on the skin cleanser to remove it; Because it does not completely remove makeup and the designated eye and lip deodorants can be used for the difficulty of cleaning it from makeup,[2] makeup can be removed in a natural way such as using the mixture of jojoba oil and rose water to maintain the nutr

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ition and radiance of the skin, and the method is:ingredients:About 30 ml of organic jojoba oil.About 30 ml of rose to prepare:Jojoba oil and rose water are placed in a jar with a cover.Please use the vessel well before using the mixture.An appropriate amount of mixture is placed on the eyes and faces a piece of cotton.Wipe the face with a soft, dry cloth.This process is repeated to completely remove the makeup.Cleaning the face: the face should be washed twice a day, once in the morning and once before sleeping using warm water to remove dirt, massage the face using face wash in circular motions, washing with warm water and it is best to avoid hot water and dry the face with a plate with a clean towel. [2]Toner mode: it is best to apply toner to the skin after cleaning and drying it with a piece of cotton, taking care to avoid the eyes, let it dry on its own and do not wash it, and take into account the use of alcohol-free toner for sensitive skin. [2]Use of moisturizer: it is recommended to massage the face and neck using the moisturizer in circular motions, and the eye cream can be used on the eyes of the eyes if the eyes are infected by bloating, black auras or wrinkl

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es, applying the cream with a finger gently around the eyes. [2]Skin exfoliation: the skin should be exfoliated once or twice a week with a peeled wash, or with the glove dedicated to peeling, or with a sponge, taking care not to rub hard, because severe rubbing is harmful to the skin, and it should be taken into account not to peel the skin if it is affected by youthful love or excessive pigmentation. [2]Sunset: daily exposure to sunlight can cause premature aging of the skin and pigmentation, and to protect the skin, a sunscreen should be applied that has a sun protection factor equal to 30 or higher 15 minutes before leaving the house, After applying moisturizer, and before applying makeup. [2]Oily skin care trendsOily skin must take care to control the secretion of fat in the skin, and in the following points, some tips to take care of the skin: [2]Choose the right skin cleanser: lathering cleansers is one of the best cleansers to gently remove oils, and it should be taken into account not to be excessive washing of the skin, and only twice a day; Because excessive washing of oily skin causes increased secretion of grease and pimples.Choose appropriate skin care products: Some

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products contain effective ingredients to resist young love if the skin is vulnerable to young love, such as a Benzewell peroxylic conduct, salicylic acid and reciveoids, and alpha hydroxy acids, such as glycolic acid or lactic acid.Choosing a water-based moisturizer: the appropriate moisturizer for oily skin is water or gel.Do not touch the face with your hands: hands carry bacteria to the skin, which leads to pimples, so you should avoid touching the face only after washing your hands with soap and soap.Do not falsify pimples: falsification can make the situation worse, more painful and causes a reversal of the skin, so it should be avoided to alter it.Use clay masks, because clay masks reduce fat in the skin and can be used in this way:Ingredients: clay mask.How to prepare:The clay mask is distributed on the face and it is after a previous cleaning of the face.Leave the mask on the skin for 15 to 20 minutes.The skin is washed and the moisturizer is placed on it to moisturize it.Tips for dry and sensitive skin careDry and sensitive skin needs calm and ways to take care of it as follows: [2]Washing the skin: Dry and sensitive skin needs to be beneficial there, so you should be sat

isfied to wash the face with warm water and dry it with the form without using the cleanser and use it only when you wash the skin at night.Removing makeup with oil-based cleanser: it is better to use the oil-based cleanser for dry and sensitive skin from other makeup remunerations; Because it contains alcohol and hard components on the skin that causes dryness and irritation of the skin.The use of serum: it is recommended to apply serum on the skin and absorb it before applying the moisturizer to increase the hydration.The use of oil-based oils: oil-based products are suitable for dry skin, as they moisturize the skin, and mineral or petroleum oils can be used for peeling and cracked skin, and jojoba oil to maintain moisture in the skin.Choose soothing skin ingredients: as skin irritation and peeling is one of the common symptoms in dry and sensitive skin, so using a moisturizer that contains aloe vera extract, chamomile or green tea can help calm the skin.Avoid the ingredients of the skin: as it is alcohol and holding materials (asterisks), camphor oil, perfumes, ingredients that cause irritation and dryness of the skin.the reviewerWas the article useful?

Skin care steps

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