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Skin cleaning tools – ” Contents1 skin2 tools for cleaning the skin3 The size of the damage caused by irregular cleaning of the skin4 referencesskinTaking care of the skin is one of the most important things to be paid attention to and persevere; The face is the mirror of the external appearance, and whenever we maintain our skin and continue to clean and moisturize it, it is reflected in its freshness and beauty, and reduces the need for women’s cosmetics and hidden materials for defects. The preservation and cleaning of the skin is not random, without prior knowledge of this, any mistake can lead to burning or deformation of the skin, so there are tools and steps that we must follow to keep the skin clean and fresh, and there are many Women who are unaware of these methods and tools, so we will show you my lady in this article used to clean the skin. [1]Tools for cleaning the skinThere are many tools used to clean the skin, including:[2]Facial brush: this brush is considered one of the latest tools used to clean the skin, and it is a brush similar to the mechanism of its working brush, and it holds with the hand, and the top is a brush of soft bristles, and Through it, we can put the special cleanser

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we use on the face, then we turn the brush and pass it over the skin from all sides, knowing that the softness of the bristles must be taken into account according to the percentage of sensitivity and according to the quality of the skin.Interfering calender sponge: it is a sponge made of non-woven fiber, a sponge used to disinfect and stimulate the pores, and it comes in four different degrees in terms of strength that depends on the hardness or flexibility, and this sponge is used on The way to massage the skin with it, after applying the moisturizer for it.Facial tissues: These are the most popular and widespread cleaning tools, and they are of many types, some of which are used through them with water, then the soap lather enters it and is placed on the skin as a mask for a period of The time, and it is one of the best tools that women can choose to clean all types of skin.The bag of disinfection: It is a bag composed of two types of cloth that contain holes with different diameters, which contain a purified, and its quantity is the size of the holes composed of this cyst.The size of the damage caused by cleaning the skin is irregularMany scientific studies have revealed about

3 The size of the damage caused by the skin’s irregular cleaning

the skin and skin sensitivity, and how to clean them that the use of facial peeling tools, and excessive and excessive cleaning tools lead to exposure to the skin to dehydration and redness, and its color can change and damage, so It is best to use these tools regularly and not exaggerate the cleaning of the skin. In addition, there is no need to neglect it, so there is no objection if it is three to four times a week regularly and moderately. [3]the reviewerWas the article useful?

Skin cleaning tools

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