Skin cleaning work

1 cleaning the skin

Skin cleaning work – ” Contents1 cleaning the skin2 work of cleaning the skinCleaning the skinThe skin is exposed to many factors that affect its shape and health. Salons and paying large sums of money for this, although it cleans the skin at home can be done to get a fresh and bright skin, using natural and cheap ingredients.Work of cleaning the skinCleaning the face of dust and oilsThe process of cleaning the face is done from the dust and oils secreted by the skin and the effects of makeup remaining on it through a small piece of cotton with warm milk, then pass it over the face in a circular manner.scrubAlso known as face sanding, where it gets rid of dead skin, freckles and acne, and some prefer to go to cosmetic experts to do the process of peeling the face, but it can be done safely at home by following the steps below:Mix a tablespoon of honey with a spoon of powdered milk in a small bowl.It spreads more on the face with the fingertips while massaging the skin in the form of small circles, taking into account the mixture of the mixture on the neck area.Wash the face and neck with lukewarm water.On the contrary, a piece of cotton with flower water and passing over the face and neck.Gently dry th

2 Skin cleaning work

e face and neck with a soft tissue.Clean the skin with steamSteam is used to clean the skin, as the heat of steam helps to expand the pores and facilitate the cleaning of bacteria, impurities and dust suspended inside:Boil an appropriate amount of water with chamomile flowers and rose water.Remove the pot from the fire and bring the face close to the rising steam for a period of at least 10 minutes, taking into account leaving a sufficient distance between the face and the fate to avoid burns due to the temperature of the rising steam.Wipe the face with a clean piece of cotton and press it on the face to remove impurities from the open pores.Wash the face with cold water or run a piece of ice over it, and the goal is to close the pores quickly.Moisturize the skin with a piece of cotton moistened with rose water.Facial maskAfter completing the process of steam cleaning, it is best to apply a nourishing mask on the skin, and the most famous of these masks is a mask of cucumber and yogurt, in addition to the mask of honey and lemon, and commercial masks available in pharmacies can be used, provided that the dermatologist is consulted on the appropriate mask for the nature of the skin.

MoisturizerAfter the previous severe procedures on the skin, it is more important to moisturize the skin to avoid its dryness, by using moisturizers or natural oils, such as: olive oil, sweet almond oil and leaving it on the skin until it absorbs it completely.Was the article useful?

Skin cleaning work

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