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Skin cleaning work – ” Contents1 skin2 steps to clean the skin3 natural recipes to clean the skinskinThe skin is exposed to many external effects that can damage it, and its beautiful healthy appearance, and these effects are exposure to harmful sunlight for long periods, exposure to cold drafts that cause dryness and damage to the skin, or excessive cosmetics that contain chemicals closed, the pores are damaged, so the skin must be maintained and cleaned constantly, and there are several ways to clean the skin at home, and in this article, we will discuss the mention of the methods, and some natural recipes helping to do this.Steps to cleanse the skinStart cleaning the face from the dirt represented by dust and makeup, soaking a cotton ball in milk, then applying the face with it, or using a lotion suitable for the skin type if necessary.Exfoliation of the skin, this process removes dead skin cells from the face and cleanses the skin well, and the skin can be exfoliated from chemicals under the supervision of specialists, or using natural materials at home by mixing a tablespoon of honey with a tablespoon of milk powder and a tablespoon of lemon, then apply the mixture to the face and massage it in ci

2 Steps to clean the skin

rcular motions using the tips of the fingers, taking into account the massage of the neck, and finally wash the face with warm water, applying with rose water and dry it well.Brightening the pores of the skin, purifying it of bacteria, excessive fat, get rid of blackheads, bringing a large amount of boiling water, bringing the face of the increasing steam with the addition of a little chamomile or rose water For him, and stay for ten minutes, then dry the face with absorbent cotton, then apply the skin with ice cubes to catch the pores of the skin, and finally wipe the face with a absorbent cotton wet with rose water.Nutrition and brightening of the skin, by applying natural masks on it, such as cucumber and yogurt, as well as lemon mask and honey.Moisturizing the skin by using natural oils without chemicals that are harmful to the skin, and one of the best oils is olive oil, and it is advisable to leave the oils on the face for two hours to clean the skin well.Natural recipes to clean the skinAloe veraAloe vera has antibacterial properties, as these properties are calming of skin irritation, and help to heal wounds, and stimulate the growth of new cells, and this is done by extrac

3 Natural recipes for cleaning the skin

ting the gel from the aloe vera plant, and then applying it to the face using a cotton ball, letting it dry, and then wash it with warm water.PapayaPapaya has natural natural characteristics, which reduces the appearance of scars, and improves skin tissue, and this is done by cutting a papaya pill into small pieces, then adding a tablespoon of sandalwood powder and a tablespoon of honey, Grind the ingredients well, then apply the paste formed on the face, leave it for thirty minutes, then wash it with cold water and repeat this recipe once a week.OptionThe option has moisturizing properties for the skin, which improves the appearance of the skin by repairing damaged cells and getting rid of dead cells, and this is done by cutting a cucumber seed into thick slices, then rubbing the face with it in A circular way, leaving it on the face throughout the night, then wash the face with warm water in the morning and repeat this process daily before bed.Was the article useful?

Skin cleaning work

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