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Skin lightening means – ” Contents1 skin lightening2 natural recipes for skin whitening3 ways to lighten the skin4 referencesSkin whiteningThe beauty of the skin and its salons sends a feeling of comfort, but the presence of skin pigmentation reduces self-confidence, so many people resort to the use of foundation creams, concealment of blemishes and others to cover variable skin colors. As follows, we will provide some recipes and natural ways to lighten them. [1]Natural recipes for skin whiteningThere are many natural recipes for skin whitening, and some of them come:Egg white recipeEgg whites help repair hair damage and dry skin, they also help to lighten the color of the skin and prepare this recipe:Ingredients: two eggs.How to prepare:The egg whites are separated from the egg yolk, then the egg whites are transferred to a non-metallic bowl and whisk until they turn into a firm mixture.The mask is placed on clean, dry skin with a clean makeup brush, and the mask is left on the face until it dries.The face is rinsed with cold water after the mask is completely dry and dried with a towel.This mask is repeated twice a week.Note: some serious results can be seen in a few weeks.Orange Peel MaskOranges help

2 Natural recipes for skin whitening

to naturally lighten the skin, orange peel mask is a natural skin color, removes dark spots, get rid of signs of aging and how to prepare this mask:Ingredients: fresh orange peels.How to prepare:Fresh orange peels are placed in the sun for a few days until they are well dried.Grind the peels using a food processor until it becomes a well powder.Sprinkle drops of water on the crusts to form a nice paste.The paste is placed on clean skin, left on to dry, then rinsed off with water.This mask is repeated twice a week.TurmericTurmeric is magic for whitening the skin, and the following will outline how to prepare a turmeric mask:ingredients:Half a cup of regular milk.1 tablespoon of turmeric.Two tablespoons of fresh orange to prepare:Mix the above ingredients, then place well on the face and neck and leave it for an hour.Then the face and neck wash with water.This mask is used once a week and you will notice the results after a few weeks.Note: It is best to put this mask on newly peeled skin for best results.Lemon oilLemon oil helps to achieve a balanced glow and shine for the skin. The following preparation method comes:ingredients:A little coconut water.A few drops of lemon o

3 ways to lighten the skin to prepare:The ingredients are mixed for the toner and placed in a clean machine.Renew the face and update after washing it in the morning by applying the toner on it.This mask can be used every day as it feels great on the skin.Cranberry MaskCranberry contains antioxidants and skin brightening acid, so it offers a benefit to the skin and how to prepare this mask:ingredients:One cup of wild grapes.One cup of to prepare:Crush the wild grapes with a fork until it becomes a nice paste.Mix the yogurt with the berries.The mixture is spread evenly over the skin and left for 20 minutes.The mask is repeated before going to bed twice a week.Note: the mask is tested on the wrist that begins to know if there is an allergy, or if the skin is left easily, and leaving the mask for a long time can lead to the acquisition of blue colored skin, so caution should be taken.Methods of skin lighteningThere are many ways to be followed, and others should be avoided to take care of the skin, and some of them come:Ways to take care of the skin dailyThere are ways to take care of the skin daily, including:[2]By attaching a sunscreen daily: Every day it leaves the house, sunscreen should b

e placed, even if the atmosphere is not hot or much sunna, in addition to wearing a hat and sunglasses when there are long periods in the sun.Daily cleaning and moisturizing the skin: good skin care requires a specific system that consists of cleaning, exfoliation and moisturizing. Where the face is cleansed once in the morning and once in the evening, and moisturized with a product suitable for the skin type.Epleling of the skin: The skin is peeled off once or twice a week, to remove the dead cells of the dark skin and detect the new skin under it.Drink plenty of water and follow a healthy diet: this helps the skin to renew itself, and makes it brighter, such as drinking 6 to 8 cups of water a day, and a diet full of fresh vegetables, fruits and important vitamins.Stop smoking: everyone knows that smoking is harmful to health, but they do not know the damage it can cause to the skin, as it contributes to premature aging, causes wrinkles and makes the face look gray.Tips to preserve the skinThere are some things that should be avoided to keep the skin light and fresh, including:[3]Do not use Blench or severe chemicals on the skin at all.Do not buy poor quality cosmetics, no matter

what the complexion is, it is beautiful as it is, and there is no objection to using safe materials such as lemon juice to lighten the skin slightly, but you should not try to change the entire skin color from its natural color. Instead of trying to get a different skin color, the soul should be accepted as it is, there is a dark skin that tries to lighten its skin, and there is the owner of light skin that tries to darken, and this is never logical, and instead, it is necessary to maintain the health of the skin to keep it beautiful.the reviewerWas the article helpful?

Skin lightening means

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