Skin lightening oils

1 jojoba oil with licorice

Skin lightening oils – ” Contents1 jojoba oil with licorice2 sesame oil with sandalwood and tomato leaves3 grape seed oil4 coconut oil5 referencesJojoba oil with licoriceJojoba oil and licorice summary can be used as a topical treatment to help brighten skin, according to Julie Gabriel, who is an author (Gree Beauty Guide: Your Natural and Aromatic Sources of Skin Care, Hair Care, Makeup and Fragrances). The mixture is made by mixing four teaspoons of jojoba oil in a bottle with half a teaspoon of licorice extract, stir the mixture until the ingredients are mixed, then put a small amount of the mixture on a piece of absorbent cotton, tapping it on the skin , and leave it for 45 minutes, then wash it off with water; Where this treatment can be used daily, in case the skin is not caused, and the mixed mixture can be stored in a cold, dry place for a whole month. [1]Sesame oil with sandalwood and tomato leavesMix essential tomato buds, essential sandalwood oil and sesame oil are used to lighten dark skin, according to Ann World, who is the author (The Complete Book of Essential Ostensils and Fragrances (Aroma Therapy)) and to make the mixture blend Half teaspoon of aromatic sandalwood oil, Half a teaspoon o

2 sesame oil with sandalwood and tomato leaves

f aromatic tomatoes and three tablespoons of sesame oil in a small box, stir to mix the ingredients well, then rub the skin by applying a quarter of the amount of mixture on it with the tips of the fingers, and leave it for (30-35) minutes, then wash and apply a moisturizer used after washing the skin, and the mixture is usedOnce a day, if the mixture does not cause the skin, and the remaining amount of the mixture can be stored in a cold, dark place, or in the refrigerator for 30 days. [1]Grape seed oilGrape seed oil extracted from the seeds is a good treatment for skin problems, such as: pimples and acne, and it maintains the moisture of the skin, and is also used to improve the complexion because it maintains the color of the skin because it contains a high percentage of vitamin C. [2] This mixture can be used by applying a few drops of grape oil on the hands, rubbing them together, without using cotton or other tools, and making sure to use a small amount of oil. [3]Coconut OilThere are many benefits of coconut oil for the skin, such as: moisturizing the skin and lightening its color; Because it helps to get rid of scars and unwanted dark areas on the skin; It contains medium c

3 grape seed oil

hain fatty acids such as: sulfuric acid, lauric acid and capric acid, which have anti-fungal properties, germs and viruses, which cause and irritate skin infections. Coconut oil contains vitamin E, antioxidants that help ripen skin cells, exfoliate the skin naturally and the growth of new and healthy cells, so the user is usually replaced by coconut oil and regularly massage the skin. [4]the reviewerWas the article useful?

4 coconut oil

Skin lightening oils

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