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Skin recipes – ” Contents1 recipes for the skin2 recipes to make the skin clear3 recipes to make the skin shine4 recipes to make the skin white5 tips to keep your skin healthy and beautiful6 referencesSkin recipesSkin recipes are characterized by their natural and safe components for use, low material cost, strong and effective results in treating skin problems and making them bright, shiny and beautiful, [1] where most women seek to get a clear, flawless and shiny skin, without the need to use treatments, Cosmetic preparations sold in the market, which contain harmful chemicals that cause damage to the skin, require material cost and may not give guaranteed results for the skin, and there are natural recipes for the skin Safer and effective for the skin, to make it healthy and bright, will be discussed in the article. [2]Recipes to make the skin clearAll people want to clarify their skin from impurities and smoothness, applying natural recipes and following the appropriate skin care, and there are recipes that improve the filtering of the skin, including:Apples and milkApple is one of the vital ingredients for the skin, as it contains alpha hydroxidy compounds that regenerate skin cells and whit

2 Recipes to make the skin clear

en their color, while milk is a natural component that moisturizes the skin and makes it shiny. [3]ingredients:A few apple slices.A little cooled fresh milk.A teaspoon of fresh lemon to prepare:Apples are soaked in milk for 20-30 minutes and powder and milk to make a smooth paste.Put the paste in the refrigerator for 15 minutes.Add lemon juice to the paste.It is applied to the skin and neck.Leave the face skin for 15 minutes.Wash the face with cold water.Tomato juiceTomatoes are a natural skin cleanser, as it helps to get rid of excessive skin oils, impurities and dead skin cells, and prevent skin damage and reduce the rate of melanin production by containing citric acid. [3 ]]ingredients:A few fresh tomatoes.One teaspoon of baking soda.One teaspoon of to prepare:Crush the tomatoes well to make a smooth paste and add the rest of the ingredients to make a paste.The paste is gently placed on the skin and neck.Leave on the skin to dry completely.The skin is washed with water.Recipes to make the skin shineThere are many recipes that help to make the skin shine and bright; Like milk and chamomile plant, including the following:milkMilk helps to clean the skin and mak

3 recipes to make the skin glowing

e it shiny and bright, and its method is:[2]ingredients:One cup of milk butter.Three tablespoons of flowers of to prepare:The flowers of flowers are mixed in butter milk and heated to a small temperature for half an hour and reserved to cool.It is placed on the skin of the face.Chamomile teaChamomile tea improves the glow and radiance of the skin, and its method is:[2]ingredients:A quarter cup of chamomile tea.One tablespoon of oat powder.Two tablespoons of honey.Two drops of almond to prepare:Mix the ingredients well.It is placed on the skin of the skin.Repeated daily.Recipes to make the skin whiteClear and white skin can be achieved without resorting to the use of expensive treatments, or have side effects that harm the skin, by applying natural recipes, which makes the skin light in color, including the following: [4]Aloe vera and brown sugarBrown sugar is a natural exfoliation that helps to get rid of dead cells and produce new and soft skin cells, and sugar contains glycolic acid that makes the skin color light. [4]ingredients:Two tablespoons of brown sugar.Two teaspoons of aloe vera to prepare:Mix the ingredients well.It is placed on the skin of th

4 recipes to make the skin white

e body and face, and will rub it gently in the form of circular motions.Aloe vera, honey and milkAloe vera, honey and milk help to control and control the production of melanin responsible for the complexion, to get the white skin, and its method is:[4]ingredients:One teaspoon of aloe vera gel.One teaspoon of milk.Half a tablespoon of to prepare:Mix the ingredients together.It is placed on the skin of the skin, massaged gently with the tips of the fingers.Leave on the skin overnight.The skin is washed with warm water the next morning.Repeat daily.Tips for maintaining healthy and beautiful skinA bright and luminous skin can be achieved by following a healthy skin care routine, away from the use of products and creams on the market, which are materially expensive, and contain chemicals, and while some tips that must be followed to become beautiful and clear Skin: [5]Apply the appropriate cleanser for the type of skin: an appropriate cleanser should be used for oily skin, which is more likely to appear on the appearance of pimples, and the use of dry skin that contains moisturizing ingredients that prevent the skin from drying .A healthy diet: eat foods that contain omega-3

acids that improve the moisture of the skin, such as flaxseed.Continue to moisturize the skin regularly: the skin should be moistened continuously, whether after bathing or before going to sleep, to protect the skin from dryness and make it fresh and moist.Avoid touching fingers to the face: touching fingers to the face skin, helps to spread bacteria to all parts of the skin, causing the appearance of scars and wrinkles.Wearing sun condoms: the skin must be protected from the constantly harmful UV rays, by placing a sun condom that contains a protection rate of at least thirty degrees when exposed to the outdoor atmosphere, and wearing a sunscreen from the sunlight as the hat and grooves.Drink enough water: water helps moisturize the skin, protecting it from wrinkles and fine lines, and it is best to drink at least eight cups of water every day.the reviewerWas the article helpful?

Skin recipes

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