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Skin types – ” Contents1 skin2 skin types3 referencesskinThe skin works as a protection for the body, which protects it from environmental changes and harsh conditions to ensure its survival, and the skin can be exposed to many conditions that its smoothness, shine and texture lose with time, and therefore the condition of the skin can change depending on the conditions it passes, it can become dry or oil or oil sensitive, just as the nature of the skin is affected by age, health problems and lifestyle, and a person must take care of his skin and preserve it and cleaning the skin regularly helps to get rid of various skin problems, such as harmful sunlight and environmental pollution, and with good care, you can keep the natural texture of the skin to become a refreshing young skin, spots, sunburns, or sunburns, or wrinkles, and before starting the skin care, you must know your skin type, and there are five types of skin, which will be mentioned in this articleTypes of skinNatural skinNatural skin is usually clear and soft, and it reflects the enjoyment of a healthy person, and this type of skin is characterized by the least problems of problems, and natural skin needs simple issues to take car

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e of it, maintain its purity and health, and these steps can be followed to take care of natural skin: [1]Cleanse, clean your skin with a gentle cleanser without sulfate, which does not cause dehydration for the skin.Use toner with natural ingredients such as rose water, and it should be alerted not to use the toner that contains alcohol, because it is hard on the skin and causes its dryness.Moisturizing, it is recommended to use a moisturizer that contains a sun protection factor, to protect the skin from drying and harmful sun.Use natural masks that help nourish the skin – as it contains vitamin C – which stimulates healthy cells and keeps the skin more vibrant such as a milk mask and a mint mask.Use mint mask; Mint mask works to soothe itchy and irritated skin, and helps treat acne due to salicylic acid, and mint mask is suitable for all skin types, and it can be used in this way:[2]ingredients:Option.A handful of fresh mint leaves.Egg white.One tablespoon of lemon to prepare:Start by peeling the cucumber and putting it in a blender.Add the mint leaves to the blender and make a soft paste.Whip the egg whites again and again until it becomes foamy.Mix the cucumber paste

, mint, egg whites and fresh lemon juice and make a thick mixture.Put the mask on your face and watch the amazing results.Dry skinThe skin is exposed to dehydration when the sebaceous glands at the bottom of the skin do not produce sufficient amounts of oily substance that moisturizes the skin, which is mainly a genetic condition, and this condition causes a decrease in the moisture of the skin, so Dry skin is exposed to aging faster than oily skin; As it suffers from fine lines and wrinkles, and it should be noted that the change in cold and hot climate leads to skin problems in dry skin, and regular face washing leads to dryness and roughness of the face, and it is advisable to Follow these steps to care for dry skin: [3]Daily moisturizing of the skin; Moisturizer, because moisturizing is one of the important steps for dry skin care, it is recommended to use a moisturizer for dry skin two to three times a day, especially in the morning and before bedtime.Drink plenty of water, as it helps to deliver food to the body cells, rid it of toxins, and it is recommended to drink at least eight cups a day, and stay away from drinking coffee, or drinks that cause the body to lose fluids.A

healthy diet, a balanced and healthy diet is helpful for the skin and provides many nutrients and vitamins that help moisturize the skin.Use home remedies to treat dry skin such as milk, which has anti-inflammatory properties, increases the moisture of the skin and helps improve the ability of the skin to retain moisture, and milk can be used for dry skin in this way:Use a cloth and soak it in warm milk.Put it on the dry skin area.Leave it on for 10 minutes.Wash off the milk with a towel washed with warm water.Use aloe vera gel; As it helps to soothe dry skin and strives to increase the moisture of the skin, aloe vera gel can be used in this way:Apply aloe vera to dry areas of the skin.Leave it on for 15 minutes.Wash it off with lukewarm water.Oily skinThe skin becomes oily due to the increased activity of the sebaceous glands located under the skin, and this can occur for genetic reasons, and the increased activity of these glands leads to the secretion of a large amount of oil that forms a layer on the skin, resulting in clogged pores and acne. For oily skin care, the following tips can be followed:[4]Washing the face twice a day, but the face washing should not be exaggerated th

ere, and it is advisable to avoid the use of soaps or hard soaps on the skin, and it is recommended to use glycerin soap instead.The use of honey, as it has antiseptic and antibacterial properties, as it maintains the moisture of the skin without making it greasy, and it can be used to treat oily skin and acne in this way:Apply a small layer of honey to the skin.Let it dry for 10 minutes.Wash the face well with lukewarm water.Use oatmeal, which works to calm inflamed skin, and helps to absorb excess oil, as it helps to peel off dead skin, and it can be used this way:Mix half a cup of oats with warm water to form a paste.Put a tablespoon of honey.Put oatmeal mixture on the face and massage it for three minutes, then wash it off with warm water.An oatmeal mixture can be placed on the face and leave it for 10-15 minutes without massage, then wash the face with warm water after that.Mixed skinMixed skin is defined as a mixture between more than two skin types. For example, there may be areas of skin that suffer from dryness, in addition to other oily areas According to some problems, such as wrinkles or pink acne, and it can be difficult to take care of mixed skin, but there are tips t

hat can help take care of it, and we mention these tips: [5]Mask with honey and glycerin, and can be prepared in this way:Mix three tablespoons of honey and half a cup of glycerin and two foods of liquid soap.Mix the ingredients in a large bowl.Garçon in an empty bottle for ease of use.Put the mixture on your face and neck and massage it for a minute.Wash your face and neck with warm water and let it dry.SensitiveSensitive skin can be dry or oily, but it is characterized by a very interactive and sensitive, and it can cause itching or irritation, and therefore it requires a lot of care and attention, and sensitive skin can be taken care of by following these items of tips:Moisturizing the skin regularly, especially after washing or showering, after drying well.The application of sun cream from the sunlight delicious to protect from sunburn.Attention when buying cosmetics and that people with sensitive skin are advised to choose products in powder form.Follow a diet rich in fruits and leafy vegetables and avoid hot foods or spices, as they are not suitable for their skin, and may cause redness, and it is also recommended to drink enough water.Wear light and soft clothes, such as cot

ton, because some other materials can cause skin irritation.Use natural oils as they are a good moisturizer for sensitive skin, such as almond oil and sandalwood oil.Using appropriate home remedies, and we mention:Milk and cucumbers. Milk and cucumbers is a treatment for sensitive skin, and it can be prepared in this way:Mix yogurt with cucumber juice.Keep it for 15 minutes.Wash it off with warm water.Honey and Rose Water: Honey and rose water is a useful home treatment for light sensitive skin.Mix rose water and honey together.Apply the mixture to the skin.Six it with lukewarm water, dry it, then put the aloe vera gel.the reviewerWas the article useful?

Skin types

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