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Skin whitening means – ” Contents1 skin whitening2 natural ways to whiten the skin3 tips for skin whitening4 causes of dull skin5 referencesSkin whiteningMany people try to get a clear skin without skin, using many creams and preparations that help to lighten the skin, but these products may contain harmful chemicals, can eventually be attached to the skin, except they can be exorbitant. The price is In addition, fortunately, there are many natural recipes that are described as safe and help save time, money and open the skin effectively. [1]Natural ways to whiten the skinThere are many natural ways that help whiten the skin, including the following:Yogurt and honey recipeYogurt contains many beneficial nutrients for the skin, and it also contains lactic acid, which contains properties that help whiten the skin, and its method is:[1]ingredients:1 tablespoon of fresh yogurt.Half a tablespoon of to prepare:Prepare the bowl and put the ingredients inside.Mix the ingredients well.Put the mixture on your face and neck and leave it on for 10-15 minutes.Repeat the recipe daily.Papaya and honey recipePapaya contains important enzymes, such as: papain and alpha hydroxy acid, which has the ability to dis

2 natural ways to whiten the skin

solve dead cells, and remove impurities, which leads to the glow of the skin, and honey has anti-bacterial properties., It helps to protect The skin and mixing them together gives an excellent mask to whiten the skin, and its method is:[2]ingredients:Half a cup of fresh papaya pieces.One teaspoon of to prepare:Papaya pieces; To get a soft, thick paste and put it in the bowl.Add the honey to the bowl and mix the ingredients well.Put the paste on the skin and leave it for 20 minutes.Wash the skin with warm water.Rinse the skin again with cold water and let it dry.Repeat the recipe every night before going to sleep.Notes:Avoid using the recipe for those who are allergic to papaya and its products.Suitable for oily skin and normal skin recipe.Baking Soda RecipeBaking soda helps to clean the pores of the skin from dirt, dust and oils, as it helps to balance the acidity levels of the skin, in addition to it, it has natural bleaching properties, and its method is:[3]ingredients:Sufficient amount of baking soda.An appropriate amount of to prepare:Prepare the bowl, then put the ingredients inside.Mix the ingredients well to make a liquid paste.Put the paste on the skin f

3 tips for skin whitening

or a minute, then let it dry completely.Rinse the skin with water.Repeat the recipe once a day.Pumpkin, honey and milk recipePumpkin is rich in antioxidants and peeling acids, as it contains beta-carotene and vitamins A and C and all help to whiten the skin. And its method is:[2]ingredients:Two teaspoons of pumpkin.Half a teaspoon of honey.Half a teaspoon of milk.electric to prepare:Cut the pumpkin into small pieces, boil the fire, then put it in electric blenders and crush it well.Prepare the bowl, then put the ingredients inside.Mix the ingredients well; for the homogeneous paste.Put the paste on the skin and leave it for 20 minutes.Rinse the skin with warm water.Repeat the recipe twice, or three times a week, and it is best to apply it before going to sleep.Remarks:It is permissible to replace the milk with rose water or aloe vera juice, for those with dairy allergies.Suitable for all skin types.Sandalwood, almond and milkSandalwood has natural whitening properties; It helps to reduce the activity of tyrosines, and thus reduce the production of melanin, which leads to the whitening of the skin, while almond powder and milk, they provide the basic food for the skin, a

4 causes of dull skin

nd cleanse it, which makes it healthy, shiny and Its method is:[2]ingredients:1 tablespoon of sandalwood powder.1 tablespoon of almond powder.An appropriate amount of to prepare:Prepare the bowl, then put the ingredients inside.Mix the ingredients well to make a soft paste.Put the paste on the clean skin and leave it for 20 minutes.Wash the skin with lukewarm water.Repeat the recipe two or three times a week.Notes:Apply an appropriate moisturizer on the skin, in case of drying after applying the recipe.Suitable for all skin types.Skin whitening tipsThere are some recommended tips; To whiten the skin and avoid gaining dark color, including: [4]Lack of excessive exposure to the sun; Because this can earn the skin many problems, such as apricot, brown spots, dangerous sunburn and skin cancer sometimes; So a sunscreen should be placed with a good protection laboratory; To protect the skin from ultraviolet rays, which makes the body secrete melanin (English: melanin), which makes the skin darker skin.Make sure to cleanse the skin and moisturize it daily; Therefore, it is recommended to follow a skin care system; To ensure proper cleansing and moisturizing, as the face should be

cleansed twice a day; Once in the morning, and once at night; Because this helps to remove dirt and oils from the surface of the skin, and care should be taken to apply an appropriate moisturizer for the skin type.Be sure to exfoliate the skin once or twice a week, and this procedure is considered important; Because it removes the dead and dark skin cells, and reveals the new skin that opens under it, and it is possible to peel using a product that contains small particles, or by gently rubbing the face with a clean, damp cloth, but in the event Of acne, it is best to use a product that contains salicylic acid, which helps dissolve the dead skin cells without stimulating the skin.Make sure you drink enough water; Because this helps the skin to renew itself, so the old layers fade and the revelation is made on the new skin and light, because drinking water accelerates from this process; Therefore, it is best to drink between 6 and 8 cabinets.Make sure to follow a healthy diet, and that is by eating vitamins and nutrients for the skin, such as eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, especially those containing vitamins (A, C and E), and avoiding foods capable of possible.Causes

of dull skinSome factors can cause dark and dull skin, and among the most important of these reasons: [1]Excessive exposure to the sun.Environmental pollution.Health condition.Dryness of the skin.Stress.Bad lifestyle.Prolonged use of cosmetic products composed of chemicals.the reviewerWas the article helpful?

Skin whitening means

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