Snow damage to the face

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Snow damage to the face – ” Contents1 Skin care2 The benefits of snow for the face3 ice damage to the face4 ice recipes for the face5 referencesSkin careWith age, many changes that affect the skin occur negatively, which some may lose self-confidence, while the skin begins to lose its freshness and radiance, and melasma and spots may appear on the face, this is beyond the dark circles under the eyes, in addition to dry skin that will emerge wrinkles on the face, but these signs may vary from person to person depending on the degree of interest and care of the skin.It should be noted that there are many skin care preparations, which are recommended to be used at the stage of youth in order to reduce the symptoms of aging later, but there are many women who do not prefer to use these products, and they resort to Routes and unmatched interior recipes, and from one of the methods it is followed for skin care, ice cubes, and in this article we will talk about the benefits of ice cubes and their damage on the face, and some useful recipes.The benefits of snow for the faceMany believe that snow is only used for cold drinks, but it has other benefits for the skin, including:Snow tightens the skin, closes or enlarge

2 The benefits of snow for the face

s the pores and thus reduces dermatitis or pimples.It prevents premature aging and relieves wrinkles on the skin, especially in the early stages of appearance, and therefore this is reflected in the glow and radiance of the skin.Snow generally softens the skin and reduces the oils it secretes, which helps to absorb the creams that are placed on the face after that.Snow gets rid of the redness of the skin of sunburn, or some sensitivity, by passing cubes for a minute at the site of the redness, after wrapping it with a piece of soft cloth to cool and moisturize the skin. [1]It gets rid of the effects of fatigue, stress or tiredness resulting from daily stresses, as it stimulates the movement of blood circulation and gives the skin a vital and fresh form. [1]It solves the problem of flatulence, as it eliminates the signs of fatigue that appear on the eyes as a result of working for long periods of time, by placing two ice cubes on it. [1]It helps to repair the makeup on the face for a longer period of time, as it absorbs the oils in the skin and shrinks its pores, by passing an ice cube on the face shortly before applying the makeup. [1]It moisturizes and cools the skin, especially o

3 ice damage to the face

n incendiary summer days, when the skin becomes dry and tight, so a snow cube is distributed on it to moisturize and cool it. [1]Snow reduces dark circles and swells under the eyes; These cubes can be placed over the eyes and underneath directly, or iced rosewater cubes can be made and placed under the eyes. [1]Snow damage to the faceDespite the benefits we get from using ice cubes on our skin, there are side effects caused by its use, namely:Snow on the skin can sometimes cause redness, and this redness will disappear five minutes after its position, and it is not recommended to apply it more than five minutes on the skin.Snow put on the skin for a long time can cause an explosion in the small blood arteries under the skin, especially those near the eyes, because the application of ice will cause a shock to these small hairs, and it should be noted that their treatment may require a long time, so the snow should not be placed on the skin for a long time, because it is necessary to put ice cubes inside a cloth, and then put it on the skin; To avoid applying it directly to the skin.Snow recipes for the faceA recipe to shrink the pores of the skinAll you have to do is to pass an ice

4 ice recipes for the face

cube over your face, especially on the parts where there are large pores such as cheeks, front and nose, for a period of three to five minutes after washing the face, and before applying makeup, then moisturize the skin with any appropriate moisturizer.A recipe for dark circles under the eyesIt is possible to get rid of dark circles by passing a cube of ice on the area under the eyes, and if the skin is sensitive, we recommend you put ice inside a soft cloth, pass it over the area, and of course it is necessary to persevere in this method to get the result, and this method is also good before applying makeup to hide these auras and tighten the skin. [2]A recipe for fresh, glowing skinYou can get fresh brightened skin by making ice cubes mixed with some kind of natural fruit juice or rose water, then two cubes of these cubes are passed over the skin for five minutes, and it will reflect on the skin, and The makes it vivid fresh and also gives it moisture and vitality. [1]the reviewerWas the article useful?

Snow damage to the face

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