Stainst acne stains

1 medical method for stains of acne brown

Stainst acne stains – ” Contents1 Medical method for brown acne spots2 recipes for brown acne spots3 referencesMedical method for brown acne spotsLaser: Laser therapy is divided into two types, namely: [1]Lasers of needs: which renews the surface of the skin by removing the outer layer of it, and for the treatment of acne spots, two common types of lasers are used, namely: erbium: yaglaser) and carbon laser: carbon dioxide laser that The work of burning the skin tissue in a certain depth, are controlled by it, reduces the appearance of scars, increases the smoothness of the skin, takes about two weeks to recover, and the skin can last for a while after treatment.Lasers other than devices: it brings changes in the skin of the skin without damaging its surface, tightening it and stimulating collagen production, and the period of a session does not exceed the hour and does not need time to recover unlike The laser bites.Recipes for brown acne spotsblack seed oilThe black seed plant is spreading in the Middle East, Eastern Europe and Western Asia as a therapeutic plant, fighting for grades and contains anti-bacterial and viral properties. Studies have shown that black love oil accelerates wound healing, eve

2 Recipes for brown acne spots

ns out skin tone and prevents acne. 2]HoneyHoney is used to treat many skin problems, such as: burns, wounds and herpes. Scientific studies have proven that honey reduces the appearance of scars on the skin, helps clean wounds and accelerates their recovery, because it contains anti-bacterial properties and fights infections that can cause acne again. [2]Flash creamIt is recommended to use lightening creams containing kojic acid, arbutin, or mites, or berries, or vitamin C, these components rid the skin of pigments resulting from acne spots and open it up without causing damage or irritation, it is also recommended To avoid the use of products containing hydroquinone, which causes irritation despite its popularity in the exposure of the skin, with the possibility of cancer due to its use. [3]the reviewerWas the article useful?

Stainst acne stains

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