Standard the color of the body

1 Natural ways to unify the color of the body

Standard the color of the body – “Contents1 natural ways to unify the color of the body2 therapeutic creams3 tips for unifying body color4 referencesNatural ways to even out body colorLemonadeLemon juice contains citric acid, which helps to lighten and even out skin tone, and can be used by regularly applying lemon juice to the skin, then washing it off after leaving it on the skin for a period of time does not burn. [1]HoneyHoney contains the properties of moisturizing and antibacterial properties, which helps to brighten and even skin color, reduce scars and acne spots, and it is best to use manuka honey specifically; It contains more antibacterial and moisturizing properties. [1]Therapeutic creamsSkin color can be unified by using creams and products that contain hydroquinone, engina and COGK acid that inhibits the work of the melanin enzyme responsible for the coloring of the skin, and all of these products can be obtained without a medical prescription from a pharmacy, And it is worth noting the possibility of using creams containing hydroquinone to accelerate the results, and it is necessary to put a sunscreen even in the rainy atmosphere because the skin may be exposed to irritation and redness during the t

2 Therapeutic creams

reatment period, knowing that the results will begin to appear after a period ranging from 8 to 12 weeks on the penalty to the date of the start of treatment. [2]Tips for unifying body colorTo even out the color of the body skin, be sure to follow the following: [3]Keep the body moisture by drinking enough water, applying moisturizers to get rid of dehydration and redness of the skin.Avoid some foods and drinks that can lead to skin discoloration and the appearance of early wrinkles and redness, such as snacks and sugars, alcohol, spices rich in food and inorganic dairy products that may contain growth hormones and processed foods, such as potato chips and fatty foods.the reviewerWas the article helpful?

3 tips to unify the body color

Standard the color of the body

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