Steps to wash hands

1 Washing hands

Steps to wash hands – “Contents1 washing your hands1.1 steps to wash hands1.2 Materials used to wash hands1.3 Tips for hand washingHand cleaningIt is a concept that indicates the cleaning of hands using soap and water; To rid them of dirt, collisions, such as dust, dust and living organisms that cause many diseases such as colds, which made specialists advise to wash them well and continuously before preparing food and before eating it, and after leaving the toilet, and before and after visiting the patient.Steps to wash the handsWill be dilated with water well.Bring the soap to use, whether it is liquid or in the form of a board.Rub the soap strongly into the hands.Rub the right hand into the left and massage them with the resulting lather.Place the right hand on the back left, with fingers overlapping, rub them well several times and mirror the process, i.e. left to right.Put the right hand back on the face of the left and rub them with the overlapping ten fingers.Include the fingers of the right hand to each other, rub it into the left and repeat the opposite.Leave the right thumb in a circular fashion and repeat the left.Rub the left hand with the right fingers in a circular manner and repeat the op

1.1 Steps to wash hands

posite.Rub the bottom of the forearm and wrist with soap.Rub the soles of the hands again for at least 30 seconds.Rinse hands with cold water.Dry hands with a drying device or paper towels.Close the water source with a tissue; to keep hands clean.Materials used to wash handsSoap and antiseptic: the use of water even if it is hot is not enough to get rid of the dirt on the hands, so we need soap or antiseptic; As most types of soap in the markets today are considered antiseptic.Solid soap: this kind of soap is frequently used; Because of its long-term use, but many specialists do not recommend using it; Because bacteria can get stuck from the previous use because it remains for a period inside the foam.Against bacteria: a kind of anti-bacterial soap has appeared on the market in the last period and has witnessed a great demand for those who care about their health; Because it contains triclosan, which in turn is formed from a group of anti-organisms, and many studies have proved that it has the same ability as ordinary soap to prevent diseases by getting rid of bacteria.Handwashing TipsDon’t wash them with water alone.Do not use them to turn off the faucet after washing them; where

1.2 The materials used to wash hands

this can be done with paper towels, as well as when opening and closing the door.Do not rely on alcohol-free wet incest to wash them.Do not reduce their friction while washing about twenty minutes.Was the item useful?

1.3 Tips for Washing Hands

Steps to wash hands

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