Sun damage to the skin

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Sun damage to the skin – ” Contents1 sunlight2 sun damage to the skin3 How to treat sunburn4 Tips to avoid sun damage5 referencessun raysThe sun’s rays have certain benefits when exposed to it in moderation, as it is an essential source of vitamin D, but when exposed excessively to the sun, especially in the afternoon, it causes great damage to the skin and body, as a result of Exposure to harmful UV rays that damage the skin, burn and dye it, its color changes, the emergence of many health diseases such as skin cancer, and we will talk in this article about the damage caused by the sun and tips to avoid exposure to Sunlight. [1]Sun damage to the skinTo keep the skin healthy and free from burns, pigmentation and wrinkles, you need to avoid exposure to harmful UV rays for a long time, and there are many sunlight damage, including:[2]Skin burns: when they are long to ultraviolet rays, they cause burning, irritation, redness and cause their sensitivity, which leads to the appearance of pimples on the skin. [1]Rash: The rash is a small red speck that appears on the chest, elbows and neck, and it appears as a result of a defect in the ethnic channels responsible for the perspiration of the skin, and the small p

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ills appear due to the hot and humid climate, and the rash can be eliminated by moving away from the environment the hot and staying in the lowest and coldest places, to maintain the skin and prevent it from sweating. [2]Skin cancer: Sunlight causes serious skin diseases such as basal cell cancer, malignant cancer or cancer of the healing cells, which appears due to long exposure to harmful ultraviolet radiation, knowing that the higher the person, the higher the incidence of skin cancer . [2]]Wrinkles: The wrinkles appear as a result of the appearance of signs of premature aging, or as a result of aging, and sunlight contributes to the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines on the skin as a result of ultraviolet rays that cause collagen damage to the skin and make it pale and free, and shows many skin problems such as blackheads, white heads. [2]How to treat sunburnThere are many tips that should be followed to protect the skin from the harmful sunlight that causes its burning, by applying sunscreen and wearing protective clothing, including: [3]Cold water baths: cold water shower helps to get rid of the pain and reduce it, and after bathing in cold water, the skin is dried with a

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soft towel, but with a light moisturizing of the skin, applying moisture and ease of absorption of The skin for it and making it moist skin free of dryness.Put moisturizers whose components contain aloe vera or soy: so soy and aloe vera help to calm and cool the skin exposed to burning ultraviolet rays, and some of the creams that do not need a prescription can be applied, and it heals the skin sunburn as such As hydrocortisone cream, and avoid applying creams “”Cayenne”” (such as benoin), to protect the skin from allergies and redness.Take some of the medications that reduce sunburn: when you take aspirin or ibuprofen, these medications reduce the irritation and sensitivity of the skin exposed to UV burns.Drink extra water: sunburn causes dry skin and when you drink a large amount of water, it hydrates the skin and prevents it from drying.Protect the skin with sunburn when exposed to the external atmosphere: where the skin with ultraviolet rays during the treatment period must be protective when exposed to the external atmosphere, covering the skin with a piece of woven cloth to prevent sunlight from reaching the skin.Tips to avoid sun damageThere are many steps and tips that shou

4 Tips to prevent sun damage

ld be followed to protect the skin from UV damage that causes many problems on the skin, including:[4]Maintain the use of sunscreen daily: the skin must protect the skin from the external atmosphere of sunlight, whether it is sunny or cloudy; To protect the skin from burning and skin pigmentation, choose a protective cream that contains a protection rate of at least thirty degrees, a position before exposure to the external atmosphere for a period of at least 15 minutes, and renewing the renewal of the protective cream every two hours or swimming, or exposure to the skin.Wear sunscreen clothing: there are clothes that help protect the skin from harmful UV skin, such as sunglasses with sun protection, shirts and pants with long sleeves, and wearing wide edges, to maintain the health of the skin and prevent them from damage caused by UV radiation. Children’s skin should also be protected from sunlight by choosing age-appropriate sunscreen and protective clothing.Stay away from UV exposure during the afternoon: where the sun is very hot and harmful and causes many problems in the afternoon, from ten in the morning to two in the afternoon.Make periodic examinations for the skin of the

skin: the work of examinations continually helps the skin to discover the occurrence of changes on the skin.The use of contact lenses and cosmetics that contain a rate of protection: the application of makeup and contact lenses that have protection against ultraviolet damage to maintain the health and strength of the skin and prevent it from many skin diseases.Avoid using bed tanning: bed tanning causes many skin problems harmful to the skin, so you should stay away from using it.the reviewerWas the article helpful?

Sun damage to the skin

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