Sweep removing under the eye quickly

1 Using natural recipes

Sweep removing under the eye quickly – ” Contents1 using natural recipes2 medical treatments3 black causes under the eye4 referencesUsing natural recipesThere are many natural recipes that help eliminate blackness under the eyes within two days to a week, which can be prepared at home, including the following: [1]Tomatoes: It is used by mixing a tablespoon of tomato juice with a teaspoon of lemon juice, then applying it under the eyes and leaving it for ten minutes, then washing it with water and repeating it at least twice a day, as the tomato The juice can be drunk with a little lemon juice and leaves the mint daily.Potatoes: It is used by extracting the juice, then soak a cotton ball and put it under the eyes for 10 minutes, then wash the area with cold water and repeat this for a week.Cold tea bags: it can be used by soaking a tea bag like chamomile tea or green tea in water, then put it in the refrigerator for some time, then apply it under the eyes and repeat regularly.Almond oil: It can be used by placing a small almond oil on the dark circles and gently massaging it, leaving it overnight, then washing the area the next morning.Cold milk: it is used by soaking a cotton ball in the cold milk solution for some time

2 medical treatments

, then applying it, covering the eye area completely and keeping it for some time, then washing it with plain water.Medical remediesYou should see a doctor when swelling appears in an eye with color change, the doctor may recommend medical creams or several treatments to reduce the color change, including: laser therapy, chemical exfoliation, use of injections and surgery to get rid of bloating . [2]Black causes under the eyeThere are many reasons that show black under the eye, including the following: [3]Genetics or allergies such as nasal congestion, insomnia or stress.Eczema, age or iron deficiency.Crying, fluid retention resulting from pregnancy, weight gain, eating a lot of salt in the diet or excessive sun exposure.the reviewerWas the article helpful?

3 Black causes under the eye

Sweep removing under the eye quickly

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