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Tattoo removal method – ” Contents1 tattoo2 types of tattoos3 How to remove tattoo4 tattoo damageTattooIt is a permanent design that is placed on the body, placing colored dyes in the cracks or openings that are made in the skin, where the history of these practices dates back to modern stone ages, which was done for reasons of treatment and health, And this is evident in the Egyptian pharaonic mummies, as tattoos were found in different regions, and tattoos were used in some ancient tribes as a kind of traditional habits to distinguish this tribe from other tribes, using certain shapes or colors.Toshim generally moved to the European continent through the Polongins in the eighteenth century, and the Polynzo are the tribes that lived in the islands and countries on the coast of the Pacific Ocean, which Europeans became familiar with through their exploratory and commercial travels, until this habit spread throughout the world, people began to start using them on their pets or animals that were bred by farms for the purpose of discrimination and to prove their ownership of the person, like livestock in general.Types of tattoosTattoos for cosmetic purposes: this is a specialization for women in general, whi

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ch draws their eyebrows or applies permanent makeup on the eyes and lips, or even adding cosmetic signs such as mole to several areas of the face and body.Tattoos for treatment and medication: this is the type that is used in the case of radiation therapy on a specific area of the body, and it is taught, and is also used in the treatment of certain skin diseases that cause a change in skin color.Tattoos for purposes of discrimination and definition of addiction: this is one of the oldest purposes for which the tattoo was found, as a specific symbol was tattooed on a group of people belonging to an organization or camp such as soldiers, prisoners or gang members .Expressive tattoos: in which the personality, doctrine, hobbies or to show the relationship between friends or family members.How to remove tattoosRemoving the tattoo from the body is very difficult and expensive at the same time, but some methods are followed that depend on the budget of the person, including the following:The process of continuous skin peeling, as this is done either by the chemicals recommended by the skin of the skin, or by making a mixture of exfoliation consisting of salt and a little water, but this

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method is not very effective, it may not disappear completely, and it may be left from some wounds and scars.The use of liquid nitrogen, through which the ink and the outer layers of skin were cooled, and then the process of removing is removed through the incision of the skin and covered it.The modern and effective method of removing tattoos is through laser beams.TattooThere are damages that cause the person who has tattooed his body, such as:The possibility of serious and infectious diseases in case no clean needle is used, such as viral liver or AIDS and others.The appearance of scars on the skin is one of the effects of acupuncture or due to specific inflammation.The swelling of sleep and the appearance of rashes or ulcers, as a result of ink that contains bacterial materials, and can turn into cancer.Problems with the lymphatic system responsible for regulating blood flow to the rest of the body.Was the article useful?

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Tattoo removal method

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