The appearance of pills in the front

1 The appearance of grains in the front

The appearance of pills in the front – ” Contents1 the appearance of grains in the front2 causes and factors of their appearance3 Treating front pills4 The risk of front pills5 referencesThe appearance of pills in the frontPills or pimples appear in the front, with the possibility of appearing in other areas of the body, and these pills appear in the form of red swelling known as papules, or pills with heads filled with purulent fluid, it is known as pustule, And in the context of the location of pimples on the face, the mechanism of its appearance is the same; Due to the blockage of small glands under the skin, it appears more, and it is more important for the presence of fatty glands that secrete oil or what is known as sebum (in English: Sebum) on the surface of the surface of the surface of The skin through small holes called pores, and in fact the importance of this oil lies in its contribution to the protection and softening of the skin, the pores are subject to blockage due to the accumulation of dirt, oil and dead skin cells, allowing bacteria to Grow inside the pores and the emergence of swollen protrusions, pimples and buttons. In the context of the conversation, the importance of grains in the front should be

2 causes and factors of their appearance

noted correctly. [1] [2]Causes and factors of their appearanceIt is worth noting the multiplicity of reasons for the appearance of pills on the front, and from these reasons, we mention the following:Reasons for acneThere are a number of factors that increase oil production and increase the risk of pimples on the front, and include the following: [2]Hormonal changes: such as hormonal changes that occur in mid-age, especially in women, which can lead to the appearance of pimples, as well as high androgens in men and women in adulthood, which in turn causes inflation of the sebaceous glands and produce more oil. [3]Personal hygiene: As the periodic lack of washing the face and hair accumulates oils on the front and raises the risk of blocking the pores and the appearance of grains. [1]Psychological stress and stress: psychological stress and stress have no direct role in the appearance of pills, but this may have a role in increasing the intensity of pills in people who originally suffer from them. [3]Skin irritation: such as irritation caused by the use of cosmetics, frequent touching of the skin in the forehead or even wearing a hat. [1]Diet: eating specific types of food may play

3 Treating front pills

a role in increasing the intensity of cereal, especially foods rich in carbohydrates such as bread and chips, and it is necessary to conduct more studies on the possibility of a specific diet to help reduce the problem of acne. [3]Hair care products: Some products can contribute to the appearance of what is called love or dimensions of ointments (English: acne pomade) and penetration caused by the use of certain types of oils, gel and wax. [1]Certain medications: such as lithium, corticosteroids and testosterone. [3]Causes unrelated acneOne of the causes of grains in the front, which is not related to the problem of acne, is the following:[2]Pills caused by infection of the hair follicles and are usually red and painful.Pills caused by inflammatory hair follicles or folliculitis.Some types of fungal infection, such as Richworm or Rhetoric.Cellulitis, which is a skin infection that appears around wounds and scratches in the skin.Rosacea, which is the redness of pimples.Contract dermatitis and a skin reaction to certain second-hand or concrete products such as certain fabrics or washing detergents.Treat pills beforeTreatment varies depending on the severity of acne, [2] in the follo

4 The risk of front pills

wing is a statement of some of the treatments of pills used before:Medications that do not require a prescriptionThere are a number of medications and treatments not listed that can be used in case of pimples on the forehead, which are often sufficient to treat the grains such as lotion, soap, gel and creams, and those who have sensitive skin are advised to Use creams and wash only, and it is indicated to the difference in people’s response to these treatments, so the injured person may need to try a number of different types before getting positive results, and the treatment may also need several weeks to completely eliminate the pills, so it is advisable not to stop the treatment in a short time following: [1]Retinol.Salicylic acid.Risocinol.Benzoyl peroxide.PrescribedIn severe cases of cereal or front pills, the doctor may prescribe certain medications, including the following: [2]Antibiotics (English: antibiotics), which are available as creams or oral pills.Retinoids are also available as creams or oral pills.Birth control pills.Anti-androgenic agent.Medical procedures in the doctor’s clinicOne of the medical procedures that takes place in the doctor’s clinic to treat front sq

ualls is the following:[4]Laser therapy, which is now a common treatment, reduces acne and inflammation, significantly improves skin tissue, and helps treat a number of different skin disorders.Microdermaprancie, surface exfoliation maintains skin health, regenerates skin tissue in general and is done by a manual device that removes the top layer of skin.Chemical peeling, as a doctor, is appropriate to exfoliate based on his assessment of the type of skin and pimples affected, in which the outer layer of skin is peeled off to allow the sound layer of the skin.Steroid Injection: This type of treatment is resorted to in case of great suffering or unresponsiveness for treatment, or if you want to quickly remove the pills due to a special occasion for the injured.The danger of pills beforeCare should be taken to avoid the pills before or any pill that appears on the body in general, as this can result in permanent scarring, delay in healing of these pills or the occurrence of infection in the area due to the transmission of dirt from the fingers of the hands to the grains while altering with them. [2]]the reviewerWas the article useful?

The appearance of pills in the front

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