The appearance of small pills in the body

1 small pills in the body

The appearance of small pills in the body – “Contents1 small pills in the body1.1 Reasons for the appearance of small pills in the body1.2 Bexes of prevention of cereals1.3 When I see the doctor?Small pills in the bodyA large group of people suffer from the problem of the emergence of small pills in different areas of the body, where these pills are caused by a group of factors and causes, and negatively affects the appearance of the skin and its beauty, which requires standing On its causes, identifying ways to prevent them and determining the appropriate treatment for it, and given its negative impact, we have chosen to devote to talk about these aspects.Reasons for the appearance of small pills in the bodyHormonal imbalance: that is, hormonal changes that occur in the body, especially those that accompany adulthood or adolescence, which leads to an increase in the secretion of oils due to the stimulating androgenic hormone of the sebaceous glands of the human body, such as these Fluctuations occur during pregnancy, before or during the menstrual cycle, and after the interruption, that is, menopause, as well as gland problems.Accumulation of germs: this leads to excessive sweating, exposure to dust without attention to hyg

1.1 Reasons for the appearance of small pills in the body

iene, which causes the closure of pores and the growth of pills and small pimples in several areas of the body, especially in the face, back and chest, where germs break down the fatty compounds that gather under the skin causing these problems.Lack of sun exposure: the body should be exposed to the sun early in the morning and before peak periods.Poor diet: by overeating foods rich in fats and sugars, which contain a high percentage of spices, herbs and oils.Chemical cosmetics: by excessive use of cosmetics that contain a high percentage of perfumes and chemicals harmful to the skin, causing a remarkable and sensitive, accompanied by a growth of grains.Ways to prevent grainAvoid the causes of grain.Make sure to clean the body continuously, use a proper face wash and the body can be peeled off from time to time.Wear the appropriate cotton clothes for the body, which prevents its recognition and accumulation of impurities, instead of the clothes made of nylon, which increases the problem, especially in summer.Eat large quantities of water; it is recommended to drink 8 cups of water.When do I see the doctor?In case the pills continue despite following the above-mentioned advice or if

1.2 Bexes of grain prevention

other symptoms are accompanied by the appearance of; Seeing a doctor is mandatory to check the health and refuse the association of pimples with any medical problem.Was the article useful?

1.3 When do I see the doctor?

The appearance of small pills in the body

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